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Twilight of the Psychopaths


by Dr. Kevin Barrett

Twilight of the Psychopaths

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” – John Lennon, before his murder by CIA mind-control subject Mark David Chapman

When Gandhi was asked his opinion of Western civilization he said it would be a good idea. But that oft-cited quote, is misleading, assuming as it does that civilization is an unmitigated blessing.

Civilized people, we are told, live peacefully and cooperatively with their fellows, sharing the necessary labour in order to obtain the leisure to develop arts and sciences. And while that would be a good idea, it is not a good description of what has been going on in the so-called advanced cultures during the past 8,000 years.

Civilization, as we know it, is largely the creation of psychopaths. All civilizations, our own included, have been based on slavery and “warfare.” Incidentally, the latter term is a euphemism for mass murder.

The prevailing recipe for civilization is simple:

1) Use lies and brainwashing to create an army of controlled, systematic mass murderers;

2) Use that army to enslave large numbers of people (i.e. seize control of their labour power and its fruits);

3) Use that slave labour power to improve the brainwashing process (by using the economic surplus to employ scribes, priests, and PR men). Then go back to step one and repeat the process.

Psychopaths have played a disproportionate role in the development of civilization, because they are hard-wired to lie, kill, injure, and generally inflict great suffering on other humans without feeling any remorse. The inventor of civilization — the first tribal chieftain who successfully brainwashed an army of controlled mass murderers—was almost certainly a genetic psychopath. Since that momentous discovery, psychopaths have enjoyed a significant advantage over non-psychopaths in the struggle for power in civilizational hierarchies — especially military hierarchies.


Alex Jones Exposes… Alex Jones!

Alex Jones Turns Peaceful Gun Rights Demonstration Into CHAOS

You Gotta Hard On for Me

Alex really stepped into it on these videos.

The camera work, in places, is not the greatest, but these 3 are worth watching. You will see first hand how this bastard operates.

Alex Jones beats a goat in a shouting competition. Good job Alex!

The threat of “martial law” is a red herring

military-martial-lawA topic that has made the rounds in the “patriot” community for years is the threat of martial law being imposed on the US.

Martial law is basically “The exercise of government and control by military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory”.

Some people believe that we are just one false flag attack from having martial law enacted.

Let’s examine this threat.

Who exactly is going to enforce it?

According to THIS document (PDF) there are 882,201 total military personnel stationed in the US as of Sept. 30 2007. Not all of them are combat troops, most are support personnel. Not all of them will cooperate with this martial law.  But for the sake of argument, let’s say that all troops will be used to enforce this “martial law”. Let’s make this a worst case scenario.

We have 3,794,101 sq miles in area for them to cover. “But they don’t patrol the desert” you say? That’s right! This is why we will use population density.

We have a population density of 80 per sq. mile.

This leaves each soldier 4.3 sq miles to cover which holds 344 people.

No matter how well you are trained, no matter how much of a bad-ass you think you are, no one in his (or her!) right mind wants to face those odds.

But not all of those 344 will fight? You are correct.

When we fought our Revolutionary War, about 3-5% of the population fought it at the beginning. I think it is safe to say that we have at least as many ready right now. Let’s use the 3% figure. That is a 10 to 1 odds. Bring in UN “peacekeepers” and you can probably up that to 15-20% that will resist, if not more.

And since our soldiers have an uncanny knack for manufacturing resistance out of thin air by torturing and murdering the civilian populations, that number will grow quickly.

Then there is the logistical nightmare of transporting, supplying and sheltering them after they deploy far away from their bases. These supplies will be a prime target for any resistance.

Folks, this cannot be done. If anyone can show me how it can be done, well, the only comments I delete are spam and posts that just have to be from pigs.

This is just one threat out of many that the disinfo scum use to keep their worshipers on edge. But it does have a good side effect. If the government is ever so stupid as to try it, we’ll be ready.

The Resistance: Patriots vs Sheeple?

patriotThere are a few things that bother me regarding the resistance to the New World Order.

First and foremost, there are those that bitch and moan because they don’t see anyone “resisting”. Their definition of resistance is a shooting war; a violent revolution. They hate it that it hasn’t happened already and isn’t happening now, and if there is no shooting then there is no resisting.

I see those people in one of two ways.

1) They are complete idiots that have not a clue of what they are hoping for.

2) They are pigs that want to provoke people to the point where they can be arrested.

So do I then believe in violent resistance, after you think I spoke out against it? More on that later.

Enough said about them.

Another group that bothers me is the “love and light” crowd. These people are the ones that think sitting around a campfire and singing Kumbaya will bring about the defeat of those that desperately desire to enslave us.

To those that believe this, I say: “If I desire to destroy you, singing won’t stop me. I might laugh at you while I am stabbing you with my bayonet or putting a bullet in your head, but it won’t prevent your death.”

This nonviolent resistance will definitely get you killed when things turn violent. Either prepare for the violence now or pack your bags and go home to die later.

These new age lovey dovey types are among those that also believe passing out DVDs, buying t-shirts  and posting on boards is somehow “resisting”. They do this in an attempt to recruit others to their way of thinking. Well, how’s that going? Did you wake anyone up through your efforts? I doubt it. I know better.

You simply are not able to get people to change their worldviews through your own efforts. They have to change for themselves.

You’ve heard the old saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”? Well, what you are trying to do is beat the horse into submission, drag it to the river, and force it to drink. It doesn’t work. I’ve tried it, lots of others have tried it, and nothing good ever comes of it.

Here’s a little scripture for you.

1 Peter 3:15 …and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

Did they “ask you”? Or were you being an obnoxious loudmouth prick?

Peter was talking about salvation here, but the same principle applies. If they don’t ask, then keep your mouth shut and live your life in a way that brings credit to you and others like you.

This leads me to the final group that I am really beginning to despise. That would be those that see the sheeple as being complicit in the destruction of this country.

I included myself in that group. I used to believe that. I don’t believe it anymore.

We are the vanguard. We have already been raked over the coals. We all know what it is like. They just haven’t gotten to the “sheeple” yet. When that happens, they will understand.

We have people join us every day, because people get reamed every day. Instead of saying “It’s about fucking time you woke up!”, welcome them as allies. The more the merrier, I always say.

What we can then do is counsel them into not making the same mistakes we all made. This can only be done if they respect us, and we haven’t trashed them in the past by trying to beat them into submission.

Now when it comes to a violent revolution, this country is a tinderbox just waiting for a spark. Where that spark will land, who knows? But I do know this: people are on edge. We have been pushed to the breaking point.

I do see it happening in the future, because violence is being used against us right now. They have already declared war against us. But right now, it’s just not a shooting war for the most part. They are using LRAD on demonstrators now. Bullets can’t be far behind.

It’s all in the timing. When the time is right, there will be revolution, and it will be violent. But it won’t happen on my schedule or yours.

Don’t go into this thinking it is a good thing though. A good number of us won’t live to see the final victory. But we also know that death is preferable to slavery, and to submit to these rat bastards is unthinkable.

Then, we start the whole process all over again. It is a never ending cycle, and that sucks.

A Primer for Neophyte Infowhores (With Translation)

When the President launches wars, implements indefinite detention, and orders torture, do not attempt to hold him accountable. It’s not his fault. It’s the New World Order.

When Congress passes laws that trample your liberties, do not attempt to hold them accountable. It’s not their fault. It’s the New World Order.

When a Police Chief orders his department to taser old women, beat down kids, and trample the liberties of citizens, do not attempt to hold him accountable. It’s not his fault. It’s the New World Order.

When a police officer abuses his authority, ignore him. It’s not his fault. It’s the New World Order.

Who is the New World Order?

The New World Order is a shadowy group that can never be confronted. They are everywhere and represent everything you oppose. They are evil luciferian banksters, internationalists, and public figures. We do not really know who they are beyond these broad labels.


A damn fine article from Read more at the source.

Unity: Do we need it?

It is my contention that the unity sought for by some of those that are fighting against the so-called “new world order” will end up destroying them. I will list some reasons on why I believe this.

First, let me define the kind of unity that these people want. They want people of like mind to get along under all circumstances. Those that don’t get with the program are not welcome. They will question your loyalty to their cause. They see this unity as a great strength; I see it as a fatal weakness.

Here are my reasons for believing this.

  • We are nonconformists by nature.

Hell, I’m so nonconformist that I don’t even have a tattoo or body piercing.

We are hated because we simply will not conform to what the political “leaders” want of us. We just won’t get with the program. When you get with others that are fighting this new order, you find the same reaction among most of them. They have abandoned one set of leaders for another set of leaders.

This is the ultimate form of controlled opposition. It is an extremely effective method of control and it will destroy you.

I have documented, to a very limited extent, some of the Big Shots that are a part of this controlled opposition. This article will hopefully get you started. In it, I write about Hal Turner, Alex Jones and Jack McLamb. Those are the kinds of people that will lead you straight into the grave, because they are liars and traitors, and their own words prove it beyond any doubt. But don’t think they are the only ones out there, because the alternative media is a cesspool. It is no different than the mainstream media.

  • We are strong-willed by nature.

We have somehow broken out of the “matrix” that is all around us. We look at it from the outside while people are living it on the inside. I just haven’t figured out how we did this. I’m forced to chalk it up to Divine Guidance, because nothing else makes sense to me.

Pulling people out of that “matrix” is impossible. I’m sure you have tried that before and know what I am talking about. The change must take place from within that person, not from without.

So any time someone says you must do this or that, we have this irritating tendency to say “And just who the fuck do you think you are?” Authoritarians are our arch nemesis. Who died and made them God?

Those that demand unity are in fact demanding that you submit to the people that are their leaders. That is the only way they can have their precious “unity”. Otherwise you are a loose cannon, and they can’t have that.

That leader has it in his power to destroy you at any time he or she chooses. The fact that these “leaders” are lying traitors means that they will destroy you.

You don’t need a leader. Here is a 53kb PDF on Leaderless Resistance. Read it and see if it makes sense, or not.

  • Unified targets make for nice juicy targets.

You’ve heard the saying “cut off the head and the snake dies”?

Well, if you follow any of these “leaders”, then that makes you a very tempting target for those that want to rule you. You are all bunched up nice and tight, in nice pretty ranks. That means you can be destroyed with minimal effort.

You need to spread out.

  • We can have unity, but it is a different kind of unity.

The kind of unity we need is a unity of purpose. We recognize and respect that others may see things a little different than you do, but we all know we are fighting the same beast in our own ways.

We know that we don’t need or even want leaders. We are all smart and fully functional grown adults that can make our own decisions apart from what others demand of us.

Only this will keep us from being destroyed. It is not possible to destroy millions of scattered targets at one time, but it is possible for millions of scattered targets to defeat the enemy.

So you want to be a patriot VIP, huh?

I’ve noticed something that’s a little bit disturbing. In order to be a VIP in the alternative news / patriot game, you must claim your life is threatened and/or you are being constantly harassed by government operatives.

You also need to have the ability to put your listeners into a state of panic by coordinating your disinformation with others disinformation.

Add to this the ability to make even the most outlandish claims believable to a certain segment of the patriot community. Don’t worry about this, just try and sound sincere. It’s an acquired skill. It takes time for them to be able to spout their crap without breaking into a hearty laugh. You’ll get the hang of it.

I will use 3 examples to show this. These 3 are, in my oh-so-humble opinion, the 3 biggest alternative news personalities out there. These 3 are Alex Jones, Hal Turner, and Jack McLamb. You may argue about the prominence of these 3, but humor me for the sake of argument. It’s not as if I can write about all of them.

  • Hal Turner, looking smug

    Hal Turner, looking smug

    I will start with Turner. Turner is a little shitbag that had a radio show based out of New Jersey. He used racist rants and other tactics to rile up his listeners into a state of frenzy. Turner lied through his teeth.

Hal Turner admitted working with the FBI. The FBI admitted using Turner to spread disinformation throughout the patriot community. What this did, which was to the governments advantage, was equate patriotism with racism.

HARTFORD — – Internet blogger Harold “Hal” Turner’s attorney said today that Turner’s background as an FBI informant will be a key part of his defense to charges that he incited violence against two state legislators and a state ethics official.

That role as an informant for the FBI is a key part of the defense, Orozco [his lawyer -PSUSA] said outside court.

Orozco said Turner was trained by the FBI as “an agent provocateur.”

“Mr. Turner was trained by the FBI,” Orozco said. “He was told where the line was — what he could say.”

In his comments on his blog that brought the state and federal charges, Turner did not cross that line, Orozco said.

Orozco said Turner worked for the FBI from roughly 2002 to 2007.

“His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner that would cause their arrest,” Orozco said.

Mr Turner has a long term and interesting relationship with Sean Hannity.

Turner talks about the Amero currency fraud,  martial law / mass graves (that link is from Turners blog. For some reason it still works as of today, even though the blog was taken down),  FEMA prison railcars,  etc. He also claims constant government persecution in this video. I find that to be highly amusing, since he worked for the very same people that he accused of persecuting him.

Hal Turner is now out of the picture. Good riddance. I do sincerely hope he gets a cellmate that is both big and black, and he gets “it” every night, and several times during the day. He’d make a GREAT prison bitch for some lucky felon.


    Next on the docket is Alex Jones. What a piece of work that turd is. Where, oh where, do I start with him? Seriously, you can google “alex jones disinfo” and find reams of material on him.

Alex and Hal have much in common, except Jones doesn’t appear to be racist in any way. With that exception, they talk about the same topics.

My oh my how the New World Order hates poor Alex. They follow him around like lost little puppies. But it’s not just some schmucks that follow Jones. Oh no. He has  Special Forces as  his personal shadow. I guess these Special Forces don’t have anything better to do than to tail poor persecuted Alex. At least he didn’t call them “green berets”.

HERE is a video where Alex goes into basic dogfighting skills (!) and explains that having the enemy behind you is at 6 o’clock; a bandit in front of you is at 12 o’clock, and there’s 2 o’clock, and 9 o’clock etc. Well, he has a bandit at his 6. He has “all sorts of bogies at his 6 and they are firing!” Rat tat tat tat tat tat! Break right, Alex! BREAK RIGHT! You stupid lying son of a bitch.

He has “lots of courage”! Listen to him pat himself on the back by lying through his teeth. Listen to him ramble on and on and on about how brave he is and about the death threats he gets.

Now one thing about brave people is this: They NEVER and I mean NEVER tell you how brave they are!!! Jones does. Listen to it if you don’t believe me. I provided the link.

Now Alex has a very loyal following. One simply does not bring up certain topics when one is among Jones’ worshipers. They consider any such rudeness to be blasphemy. His worshipers really do believe Jones can do no wrong, and his his words are the gospel truth, even when proven differently. I’ve seen this play out several times.

Here is classic Jones. Did Jones write that article? No. Is it on his site? Yes. Who is responsible for posting that article? Jones is. Who is responsible for not correcting it? Jones is. This is what I consider to be disinfo by proxy.

But here are some videos that use Jones’ own words. Watch them if you have the time. Imagine what would have happened if Jones had been successful.

  • Jack McLamb

    Jack McLamb

    The next witless witness is Jack McLamb. He heads an organization that is laughingly titled “Police & Military Against the New World Order”. Imagine that, the very same people that are enforcing the new world order can also be against it.

They enforce the bullshit laws and blow up wedding parties and villages, but THEY DON’T REALLY MEAN IT, you know? It makes them so sad to do it. They shed so many tears doing these things.

I don’t trust him simply because he is a pig. But I will try and get past that here.

Jack is really big in the FEMA “death camp”, “red-blue list”, and of all things, “painted dots on your mailbox that will be used to lead the military to your front door when martial law is declared”  subset of the patriot movement. Don’t believe me? Here it is:

Why is he still wearing his uniform? He is retired, you know?

I really recommend watching that video. You will see some classic disinfo. He hides the lies in the truth, and he poisons the entire thing. He makes the entire patriot community look like drooling morons by simple association. He worms his way in and poisons everything he touches.

Where are these infamous camps? Every time someone brings them up, I demand to know exactly where they are. What always happens is that it takes me about 5 minutes to debunk it. If these camps were real, then it would be no problem to find and verify their locations.

He also parrots the martial law scenario, same as Jones, same as Turner.

Martial law is a very interesting threat that these people harp on constantly. I personally find it interesting, and a non-issue, because I have traveled all 48 states as a truck driver. I know first hand how big this country is. It is too big, and people are too well armed, for there to ever be nationwide martial law. It would take tens of thousands of troops to lock down one medium sized city like St Louis.  There are no such troops.

Closing Arguments

Now, why do they do these things? What is it exactly that makes them head honcho VIPs in the patriot community?

1) They have built up credibility by telling some truth. Disinfo artists do not lie all the time. They pick the right time to lie in order to do as much harm to the movement as possible.

2) Their claims of harassment and death threats are very telling. It’s something that almost all of them do, and here is why they do it, in my opinion:

(a)It builds instant credibility among the gullible fools out there.  After all, they must be having a huge impact in order to bring all that negative attention on themselves, right?

(b) It discourages others from stepping out and doing this work by themselves, since they dont want this kind of harassment.

(c) It allows the true believers to flirt with danger from the sidelines. They can live their lives vicariously through their favorite celebrity “patriot”.

(d) It makes these “patriots” look so brave. Not even death threats will stop them. This = instant credibility boost.

3) The more outrageous the claim, no matter what it is, the more likely you are to be believed. Patriots have a distrust of mainstream media, and rightfully so. But some show an amazing level of trust in alternative sources with very little discernment.

So, with that I rest my case. I presented 3 great witnesses, and they were hung by their own words.

Granted, I am sure I could have done better, but I hopefully gave you a good place to start your own investigations.

“Illuminati” bullshit, “patriot” idiocy, and fear

One of the things that bothers me about certain groups of the so-called “patriot community” is their blaming the “Illuminati” for what ails us. These people see the Illuminati as an all-powerful and all-knowing secret organization that currently rules the world from behind the scenes.

The Illuminati used to be a real organization that was formed in Bavaria by the jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776.  The organization was banned in 1874, along with all other secret societies in Bavaria. You can look up the history for yourself if you are interested. You will find it easily in mainstream sources. The history is not the point of this article.

It is argued  that the organization remains well hidden among freemasons and various occult societies. These arguments are never proven. What people do is get a little overzealous with copying and pasting the exact same text in an attempt to prove the Illuminati’s existence. Or sometimes they will simply write it and try to sound authoritative, and some people will believe them since there is a tendency among some to believe almost anything if it is in print or on the boob tube.

What is happening to us is not the result of any Illuminati conspiracy, whether it is a current secret society or not. The people that propose, vote on, and sign legislation and enforce their phony laws do it right out in the open. Their names are known.

Those that gleefully deprive us of our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are decidedly not hidden. We write about them all the time; from the pigs on the street to the Generals in the Pentagon to the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government. Do you have a problem with my sources? I do name names, you know? Nothing is hidden here.

Blaming the “Illuminati”  shifts the blame from those we know to those that we can’t know because they are hidden and therefore unknowable.

People, you cannot fight an enemy you cannot see.

Who gains by obstructing the identity of the enemy? The only people that gain from spouting this Illuminati crap are those in power now and those that work for those in power. It might be the most insidious form of disinformation that there is out there.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to separate the disinfo scum from the true believers. There are dupes and some are gullible morons, even if they believe it all in good faith. They spend all of their time chasing shadows instead of attacking the real and known enemy. Tell me, to whose advantage do they work?

Aren’t things bad enough without having to make these things up?

I see this as just being a  part of the problem.  I see the root of the problem as being based on fear. They fear the Illuminati. They fear the government. They fear hidden things that they cannot even know or name. They are afraid of their own shadows.

There is no reason to fear anything, not even death. As bad as things are, and as things will get even worse, what we are documenting is the end of this worldwide empire and the beginning of freedom. No one ever said that freedom was free, did they? It’s paid for in blood and sweat, and more than a few tears.

What the “leadership” are trying to do is get a jump on things by installing an emerging police state in order to force acceptance of the status quo, but they are failing because they are outgunned, outnumbered, and people expose them at every fucking opportunity. This is a team effort, never forget that.

Fear is a great motivator for the masses, but it’s not the strongest motivator. Every day people join us simply because nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Every day people get raped by the system and finally wake up. That is a stronger motivation than fear, because it is based on the truth.

Now is the time for boldness, not fear. The ones that should fear are the self-appointed “leaders” and authoritarians.

“I’m sick of you not listening to me!!!”

Video courtesy of

Alex Jones, doing his very best to get people to panic for Y2K

What happened? Did the proverbial shit hit the fan, like Jones tried to start?

No. Obviously he failed.

But it was an INTENTIONAL effort to destroy this country by putting his worshippers in a panic by LYING THROUGH HIS FUCKING TEETH. That panic would have spread.

Why did he do this? And why does anyone take him seriously? You can show his worshipers this video, and they will not consider the ramifications of what would have happened if Jones (AND HIS HANDLERS) had been successful. They totally ignore it.

If you don’t believe me, well, the video is at the top of this article. Try posting it where his worshipers congregate. See what kind of reaction you get. I wish to God that someone had shown me this years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time.

I recently found out a very important fact. Even those that do not consider themselves as Alex Jones worshipers, and are such  enlightened truthseekers, will just let certain things like this slide and question the motives of the person that posts this video, and other more recent ones just  like it.  They are so worried about  “millions of deaths in illegal wars”,  “Germanic death cults”, and some nameless amorphous  “Illuminati”, that they don’t consider how many millions would be fucking dead right here in this country if Jones had been successful. That is just not important, you see? That’s in the past.

Fuck you, Jones. I see right through you, as do others. God willing, you will crash and burn.

Oh boy! Alex has really done it!!!

jones-actionFirst he publicizes a HUGE announcement! Here it is, straight from the horses ass:…fowars-and-prison-planet/

Whatever could it be? It sounds so exciting! I can hardly wait!

It’s an interview with Charlie Sheen! Yay! Go Charlie! This ought to be GREAT!

But there’s a problem. Oh yes there is.

The interview Charlie conducted was a fake. NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo! It can’t be! Please say it ain’t so!!

Sheen’s request takes the form of a letter to the President in the context of a fictional meeting between the two entitled “20 Minutes With The President,”

Here is the article that quote appears in.…-obama-over-911-cover-up/

And Jones has the gall to close off comments to the article. Wise move, you asshat. You know that people will not respond too kindly to being jerked around like this.

You really stepped into a pile this time, you asshole.

Here’s a link, courtesy of Rense on this topic. Seems people are a little pissed off.

Here’s another one from Rogue Government.

Project Camelot And The US Army


Project Camelot was a genuine US Army project in 1964. Wikipedia gives a reasonably accurate, short description:

“Project Camelot was a social science research project of the United States Army in 1964. The goal of the project was to assess the causes of violent social rebellion and to identify the actions a government could take to prevent its own overthrow.”


If you can’t hit this one out of the ball park, you had better hang it up.

What if one modus operandi of the MATRIX control structure is to identify sore, social and political pressure points that are concerning growing numbers of people (UFOs, Black Ops, Black Budget, financial corruption, alternative energy, government cover-ups, the secret space program, etc.), and then establish Project Camelot-style operations (the U.S. military’s term) in the ‘alternative media’ to try to relieve that pressure by trotting out an endless succession of fake or tired “whistle blowers” – many of whom (most?) somehow will never manage to concretely, objectively, CONCLUSIVELY prove ANYTHING of much consequence, while simultaneously blowing a lot of hot air, ego, and disinformation smoke all over the place, thereby vicariously occupying the minds and time of large numbers of otherwise potentially politically active people with endless mystification, petty dramas, spectacular and inevitably unverifiable allegations, shadowy personages of uncertain identity, and so on, ad nauseam.


He nails it. I couldn’t have said it better.

If you want to know why the “alternative media” has so much crap in it, that’s the reason for it.

More Alex Jones bullshit for you.

Source: Examiner

Many followers of Alex Jones and his web-site are full of terrifying conspiracies of a new world order. Many critics of Alex Jones claim that his conspiracies never come true and that there is not much research behind what he says.

William Cooper author of the book Behold a Pale Horse exposed Alex Jones as a scaremonger just before William Cooper was killed by authorities in 2001. William Cooper explained how on New Year’s Eve of 1999 Alex Jones’ radio show was full of lies, propaganda and scare tactics. Cooper explained how Alex Jones discredited patriots with his acts of fear mongering. According to William Cooper, Jones’ radio broadcast on that night could have created mass panic that led to martial law.

[listen to this here: Youtube -PSUSA]

Cooper believed that Alex Jones is trying to make Americans violent so martial law can take place. On New Year’s Eve of 1999 Alex Jones explained how cash machines were failing, explosives were going off in France, missiles being launched in Russia and how China was being attacked. Alex Jones also began shouting about how there were more wars going on at that time than in the last 50 years. Alex Jones even said that hundreds of thousands of people were dying on the last day of 1999. None of these so called wars or mass killings were taking place. Jones succeeded in panicking large amounts of people that night and is still succeeding to this day.

Some who oppose Alex Jones believe he is a change agent who is trying to inspire violence so the United States has a revolution. Other’s claim that he is part of a secret government project called ‘mockingbird’ where a commercial broadcaster infiltrates the media. One of Cooper’s favorite quotes was, “Whoever fires the first shot loses.” Many claims and accusations of conspiracies are being made by Alex Jones but solutions are seldom offered.

Supporters of Alex Jones call him a true patriot and much of the alternative media appreciate the attention he has brought to out of the box thinking on commercial media. So is Alex Jones exposing conspiracies or is he inspiring fear in hopes of creating martial law? Maybe he was just a victim of reporting so-called facts and stories that he didn’t research or maybe he is being fed false information. William Cooper often said, “We must have moral high ground.” Scaring each other will get us nowhere except in a bunker with water and ammunition in the mountains. Topics such as immigration, H1N1 vaccinations and an Orwellian new world order all need to be researched and openly discussed with a foundation of education.

Scaremongering fictional e-mails that have Obama, Rush Limbaugh and Oprah saying this and that need to be researched not gossiped and forwarded to your friends and co-workers. So the next time you hear some frightening news do your research and see if a panic merchant sold you some chicken fried fear.

Fear and Censorship Rampant In “Patriot” Community


By Martin Hill (Website HERE)

“He that sees another in error, and endeavors not to correct it, testifies himself to be in error” -Pope St. Leo I

Let me preface this by saying that I have never been obsessed or fixated on ‘zionist’ or “Jews vs. Arab” topic, as so many seem to be today. I was not concerned with Jews or zionists, or muslims, and had never even met a Jew until I was probably in my 20′s. I was raised in an upper middle class Catholic home in Southern California. The topic is an interesting one, though, particularly regarding people’s fear of touching the subject. I am all for free discussion of any topic. Nothing should be verboten. The recent response to a topic I helped create has been fascinating to say the least.

I am very much against threatening anyone for their speech. This applies to neocons, leftists, ‘patriots’, or anyone else. Keep in mind I was instrumental in getting coverage on the Michael Reagan issue, when he threatened 9/11 truther Mark Dice on the radio. I even called Reagan up personally and we discussed it, and I told him he was wrong. That as well as many other aspects of this were covered on Clearchannel’s KFI Los Angeles, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, etc. Here is the index page of some of that coverage.

Now onto the current controversy. It all started last month when I was listening to the INFOWARS stream via my cell phone, and caught a very disturbing exchange between Jason Bermas and a caller. I wrote an article about it on Op-Ed News a few days later entitled ‘InfoWarrior’ Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are ‘Anti-Semites’ Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves (4-19-09)
I also posted the audio of the call on youtube.

I also posted it on Michael A. Nystrom’s website, which is a popular site for Ron Paul supporters. After the topic garnered 3 pages of replies from members, the daily paul froze the topic, preventing anyone from responding further, thus pushing it off the front page, off the website and down the memory hole. See: ‘InfoWarrior’ Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are ‘Anti-Semites’ Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves

A few days later Bermas and Jones replied about my op-ed piece and youtube vid. Here is their response, Bermas and Alex Jones Respond To the Jewish Controversy part 1 and part 2. Jones and Bermas also responded to the original caller himself when he called in. Their response to the caller seemed nearly as innapropriate as Bermas’s first response, and seemed to make the situation worse. I posted the article about their response, as well as the vid, on Op-Ed News: Bermas & Alex Jones Respond To The Jewish Controversy on April 23, 2009.

Since the original topic had generated so much interest, I also posted the follow up on the Daily Paul only to have it immediately removed. I was also immediately permanenently banned from the without reason. I guess Nystrom, the owner of the Ron Paul adulation site does not support free expression and intellectual discussion any more than Bermas does.

The owner ot Op-Ed News, however, Rob Kall, who I believe is Jewish, did not remove my articles. Mr. Kall should be commended for giving people the opportunity to publish and discuss articles. He obviously is nothing like the paranoid politically-correct control freaks that abound everywhere else on the net, even in the purported ‘patriot community’.

Mike Rivero of has posted at least two of my videos that I know of, including Rest in Peace Pete Nosan. Pete was a friend of mine and a tax freedom advocate who served as Restore the Republic CA Chapter leader. He tragically killed himself last year after the IRS came to his job and threatened him). Here is the cache from his site, in case Rivero denies or erases it.

I have included Rivero on my mailing list for some time. Granted, he did not ask to be on my list, but as a popular alternative site who lists his contact info and published my material, I assumed he wanted to recieve the occasional articles/ vids that I send out. A few weeks ago Rivero posted my video interview of a Muslim USMC Vet Fired From Job For 9/11 Truth Sign. However, after I sent Rivero the article and videos from Bermas & Alex Jones Respond To The Jewish Controversy, all further e-mails I sent to him have been returned. He apparently blocked me from all further contact; which is certainly his perogative, but is very revealing. Did daring to mention the “J word” cause him to block me? Apparently.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, and I almost hate the give this guy publicity, but someone named Eric Hufschmid scoured my website, and posted photos of me and my teeth on his website, alleging I am a ‘zionist protector’ “jew” “dog” “neanderthal”, simply because I link to some Alex Jones material on my website. He claims Jews have a gap between their teeth. For the record I had braces in high school and the gap was completely closed, but it came back when I stopped wearing the retainer. Go figure. By the way, I am half Italian, as well as English/German/Dutch and a lifelong Catholic.

Someone posted the topic at the forum, and so far, to their credit, they have allowed the topic and discussion to remain. Whoops! As I write this, I just clicked on the topic and see that it has now also been removed. Here is the google cache of that topic: Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Should Hang themselves Prisonplanet forum member ‘Protean’ started that thread which had hundreds of replies, going on for at least 11 pages. I do not know if Protean has been banned from the site. The original url of that topic was – 98k [google search]

Jeff Rense, who recently had a fallout with Alex Jones and was removed from GCN, linked to the original youtube video a few days ago. It had had about 2300 views before Rense linked to it, and now has 17,714 views and 634 comments.

The same day Rense posted the original video, a Texe Marrs article entitled Do The Jews Own Hollywood And The Media?, (5-9-9) which was critical of Bermas’ response without naming him, was posted on
Here are some videos of Texe Marrs with Jason Burmas 2009-03-05 pt 5/5 and here. I heard that Texe Marrs discussed this Bermas fiasco on his radio show, but I haven’t heard it. ALex Jones has invited Texe Marrs onto his show as a guest for years, as well as selling his books and videos on Infowars; so it would be interesting to hear them discuss this entire issue candidly. Cudos to Texe Marrs for having the guts to address this issue.

There is also a youtube clip here, entitled Jason Bermas & Alex Jones called out as Zionist Shills described as an: “Excerpt from RBN Radio with Michael Collins Piper and Guest: Mark Glenn. Two callers expose Jason Bermas & Alex Jones as the Zionist Shills that they are, and talk about the recent controversy with Bermas telling a caller on his show, who brings up Jewish influence on the media, to kill himself.” I have not heard that clip yet.

And that is all, for now. The fallout from this fiasco seems to have grown far and wide. I stick to my original response, which was that the comments were grossly innapropriate and out of line, especially from Alex Jones websites, which purport to come from a Christian and freedom-loving perspective. Christians and patriots do not threaten or advocate the death, murder of suicide of anyone. it really is as simple as that.

May peace be with you all.

TODAY! On the ALEX JONES SHOW we have…

dachau-arbeit-563Here is Alex Jones introducing todays guests. You can find it at , home page, right side.

Alex talks with Bob Schulz of We The People, gets an update from Infowars producers Rob Dew and Jason Douglass, who are on the road in California covering the homeless situation and California’s attempt to put the displaced in a concentration camp at Cal-Expo,…

He got the idea for this particular steaming pile of bullshit from this article from the LA Times. He posted some of this article HERE.

Ontario, CA, Tent City Residents Required to Wear Wristbands

David Kelly,

Los Angeles Times
March 30, 2009

Dozens of Ontario police and code enforcement officers descended upon the homeless encampment known as Tent City early Monday, separating those who could stay from those to be evicted.

Large, often confused, crowds formed ragged lines behind police barricades where officers handed out color-coded wristbands. Blue meant they were from Ontario and could remain. Orange indicated they had to provide more proof to avoid ejection, and white meant they had a week to leave.”

Many who had taken shelter at the camp – which had grown from 20 to more than 400 residents in nine months – lacked paperwork, bills or birth certificates proving they were once Ontario residents.

“When my husband gets out of jail he can bring my marriage certificate; will that count?” asked one tearful woman.

Another resident, clearly confused, seemed relieved to get a white band – not understanding it meant she had to leave.

Pattie Barnes, 47, who had her motor home towed away last week, shook with anger.

“They are tagging us because we are homeless,” she said, staring at her orange wristband. “It feels like a concentration camp.”

Read entire article from the LA times

So let me get this straight.

There is nothing in the Times article about electrified barbed wire, armed camp guards, guard towers with machine guns, German Shepherd dogs or any of the accoutrements of a Stalag 13 type of camp, but he intentionally uses the catch phrase “concentration camp” because Ontario residents need to prove they lived there in Ontario?

What would you reasonably expect to happen if Ontario suddenly became Tent City Central for the entire LA area? That is a big area, you know.

Sheesh, you’d thing he’d learn not to do this so blatantly.

I’d sure hate to think what would happen if it got out of control there. Ontario is not that big of a city. It’s also not in the best of areas too. Fontana is right next door, and it’s a hellhole. I’ve been in that area many times.

He uses catch phrases like “concentration camps” intentionally. He does it to provoke a reaction from his camp followers, people that owe him loyalty over and above loyalty to the truth.

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I’m taking some flak here

alexjonesAsk me if I care.

I am finding out first hand what kind of shitstorm I can generate when I have the audacity to expose the bullshit spewed by Alex Jones.

So, because this flak doesn’t have a snowballs chance in “hell” of shooting me down, I will also post more on this, every time Jones tries to stir the pot by posting bullshit.

And dont look for me to pull any punches. I am sick and tired of disinfo shills crying wolf in order to generate attention, controversy, and sales.

Has Alex Jones gone off the deep end?

alex-jonesFirst, here is the article from Infowars that I refer to, titled Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens

In it, he tries to make the case for mass graves being prepared for civilians at a Phoenix military cemetery. is a link to a manufacturer of these burial vaults.

Quoting from the Infowars article:

From the satellite view there appears to be more sections that have been covered with the concrete lids and backfilled to look as if nothing is there.

These things are meant to be backfilled before they are used. Bury something and it’s “hidden”. But not only is it buried, it’s done so it looks “as if nothing is there”. How sinister. That must mean they are hiding it from us, right? If so, why is it being done in a military cemetery near a major road? I didn’t see any guards in that video embedded in the infowars article. All I saw was a truck and a “No Tresspassing” sign, which every construction site I have ever seen has had at least 1.

The cleanliness of the heavy equipment operation and the large perfect cuts of earth is im pressive.

What kind of nonsensical crap is that? Making a big deal out of it being clean?

The truck driver also admitted “Each burial vault holds four caskets.”

Well no shit, sherlock! Imagine that, “admitting” to burial vaults holding caskets in a fucking CEMETERY!!! Someone GET A ROPE! Let’s string him up for this “admission”!

So if these were to hold four troops each and the truck driver did know what he was talking about; this would mean that there are plans in advance for over 4000 U.S. soldiers deaths.

How many veterans die each year? Good question, let’s look it up.

From we have this:

About one thousand WWII vets die every day and 39 percent of all US veterans are aged 65 or over,

Now is it reasonable to prepare for these deaths? This sounds like a rare case where the .gov is doing something proactive about deaths by NOT attacking other nations first but by preparing for veterans deaths.

“If these are not to contain caskets and only bodies are inserted there could be room for over 40,000 civilians bodies.”

“If”?  “Could”?  Look at how he ups the number to a real scary 40,000. Sheesh.

Look at how he words this shit. He tries to insert trigger phrases and words but he’s sloppy about it when someone actually takes the time to analyze what is written.

Now compare the pics from the Infowars disinfo site with the vault manufacturers site. Do you see the similarities?

Having said this, there is no quicker way to be labeled a “COINTELPRO” agent than to go against anything Alex Jones says. He has legions of worshippers that don’t take too kindly to people questioning him.

What Alex Jones does is classic disinformation.

Disinformation is providing mostly good information in order to provide credibility. There is  true information on his sites. But along with the good information is the bad information; innuendo and outright lies. This is done in order to provoke a reaction from the reader who is, because of the good information presented, already predisposed to believe the bad information.

The reader then spreads the bad information, ruining the credibility of the good information. That is a disinformationalists goal, to ruin the credibility of the good information and not to spread only bad information. The disinfo specialist uses other people to do his dirty work by letting his dupes spread the bad information.

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