So, how do we get out of this mess?

By: Loose Cannon

This is an interesting question, one I have thought about often.

I see no easy way out. I see no hard way out. I see no solution at all, when it comes to a national level, only at the personal level.

Our “leaders” depend on our participation in the current system. They go to great pains to make us believe we have a stake in this system. But no matter the changes proposed (in order to secure a (s)election victory) the problems either remain or they get worse. Have you ever asked yourselves why?

Why do our “leaders” do this? Have you figured it out yet?

How is it that they sound so brilliant on the campaign trail, and seemingly morph themselves into total idiots once they are in office?

The answer is: they are not idiots. They know exactly what they are doing. They are looting this country of its wealth, strength, and culture. They are doing this for their own personal gain. You, by having a stake in their system, aid and abet them in this looting.

Their game is  to keep us divided, distracted, and to sap our strength. This allows them to keep hidden. When we are so worn out taking care of personal business we no longer have the strength, or even the desire, to dig deeper into the problems.

Why do you play their game? It’s rigged against you. They create the problem, they get the desired reaction from the citizens, then they have the desired, predetermined  solution ready to implement. You are now seeing the results of their “solutions”.

Our “leaders” are taking care of their business, at your expense. Perhaps it’s time you start taking care of your own business.

Gather yourselves into like-minded groups; groups that provide mutual support apart from any government program. You, by your own virtues and strength, have it within you to prosper. You have your own knowledge, talents and skills. You don’t need government programs or money. In fact, that is a hindrance because there are always strings attached. Cut those strings, puppet. Tell the puppeteer to fuck off.

I really hope you do it, and soon. Please give it serious consideration. Your life may depend on it.


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