A killing, a cover-up, a break in ranks

3 police officers: Their actions lost public trust in the Atlanta Police Department.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jason Smith was losing it.

“I [screwed] up; I think I killed this woman,” the Atlanta narcotics cop told partner Arthur Tesler in the yard behind a small brick bungalow on Neal Street. “You guys got to help me.”

Inside, a 92-year-old woman lay dead, killed by a fusillade of police bullets. Officer Gregg Junnier, his face grazed by a bullet and bleeding, stalked through the home looking for suspects and contraband.

But there were no dealers, no kilo of cocaine. The tip that brought police to 933 Neal St. was as bogus as the story they used to sell a judge on the raid.

Desperation and self-preservation kicked in. Smith remembered the marijuana seized earlier that day. Better make it look like a drug house, he reckoned. He pulled baggies of pot from his sleeve, nodded to Tesler, and planted them in the basement.



So, perhaps you trust the cops after reading this story.

You say “Yes, there are bad cops out there, but there are good cops too”.

Am I right?

What about the “good cops” that helped cover up this murder?

They lied, and a 92 year old woman was murdered. And the “good cops” are still out there on the street.


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