Ridge: We were wrong to torture

America’s first homeland security secretary has accepted some criticisms of the US “war on terror” made in a recent report by legal experts.

Tom Ridge told the BBC that the report’s attacks on extended detention and torture were justified.

But he also said the US had been dealing with a new kind of threat.

The report the International Commission of Jurists said anti-terror measures worldwide had seriously undermined international human rights law.

After a three-year global study, the ICJ said many states had used the public’s fear of terrorism to introduce measures including detention without trial, illegal disappearance and torture.

It said the framework of international law that existed before the 9/11 attacks was robust and effective, but had been actively undermined by the US and the UK. /snip/


Emphasis mine.

Now remember back  when Bush said “We don’t torture”. Did you believe him? If so, YOU WERE USED like a $5 whore. How does it feel? Does it make you feel “dirty”?

Notice how “many states had used the public’s fear of terrorism” to justify what they did.

Now dont think for one second that the obamessiah will be any different.


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