When will people learn?

By: Loose Cannon

obj1301geo1330p15I grew up in a small town. When I was a kid, there were maybe 1,500 people living there. Now there are about 7,000+. One of my earliest memories was when I went shopping with my mother, and she was talking to the chief of police. I remember being fascinated and a little scared by his revolver. So, I asked him if he ever shot anyone. He said he has never shot anyone, and had no desire to do that. He was a peace officer in the true sense of the word.

In high school, there were cops selling drugs in that small town.

Fast forward to present times. Now we have law enforcement officers. There are no longer any peace officers.

Now we have cops routinely abusing people. Now we have cops committing crimes while wearing uniforms. Cops murdering restrained prisoners. Cops just looking for any excuse to taser a kid. Cops getting away with rape and murder. Cops that have nothing but contempt for our Constitution. Cops that lie.

I have absolutely no trouble at all, finding articles for this site. It’s all documented. Sometimes I get them from other like-minded sites. Other times I find them on my own, from RSS feeds. Anyone can do what I do.

The only cops that get caught are the ones that are too stupid to cover their tracks. It’s hard for our “leaders” and other cops to sweep the stupid ones under the rug, without making the natives restless. For for every cop that goes to prison, there are many more still out on the street, doing whatever they want.

What will it take to turn the tide? If nothing is done, it will continue to get worse. We are giving our implied permission for them to do to us as they please.

Will it take us declaring war against our own countrymen? If so, what will be the triggering event? Actually, our own government has declared war against us. How much will we have to put up with, before we say “ENOUGH!”

Suppose some cop murders your brother, or rapes your sister. What would you do? What do you think I would do?

If we don’t put a stop to this, and soon, there will be a bloodbath in this country.

And a special note to my .gov, .mil, and police agency visitors: If you were bleeding out in front of me, I’d just stand there, light up a cigar, and watch. Or, maybe I’d just turn around and walk away. In other words, I don’t like you.

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