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police-brutality-because-we-canIt seems that pigs John Wynkoop and Scott Wilson in Prince George’s County don’t like people with accents. They beat the fuck out of them while making fun of them. They also pepper sprayed him, in between fits of laughter.

THEN they had the gall to charge the victim with assault.

All this, because he had blue tinted lights on his car. Those are ILLEGAL don’t you know, and will earn you a beatdown.

Big pig Roberto Hylton said ‘Wynkoop and Wilson have been suspended from the force with pay pending an internal investigation.’

How nice that they are being paid, while the foxes that guard the chicken coop “check this out”. Watch for the cover-up.

Here we have pig Columbus “Ken” Kennett from Greenville, SC. He likes to fondle little girls. But he showed “remorse” and was sentenced to 10 years in prison suspended to three years of probation. How merciful.

Now read about Martin Solis, from the city of Kingsburg CA. His actions cost the city $210,000 because he just couldn’t keep it in his pants. It seems that pig Solis was dispatched to a home, to evaluate a woman that was unstable and suicidal.

The mother hoped police could have her daughter committed under Section 5150 of California’s Welfare and Institutions Code, which allows a person considered dangerous to herself or others to be kept in a mental health center for up to 72 hours.

The mothers hopes were in vain. Pig Solis saw an opportunity that he just couldn’t pass up.

The suit said Solis, by implication, “threatened [the woman]with arrest if she did not cooperate with his ‘investigation.’ “

So, Solis got a free “oral sex” out of the deal. Well, it wasn’t REALLY free…

Neither the city nor Solis admits liability.

Of course not. They didn’t do anything wrong. They are innocent little angels.

This just in:

Ft. Lauderdale Fl pigs that are, unfortunately, nameless so far have also charged with assault a man they beat the crap out of.

Broward prosecutors cleared Josh Ortiz of all charges Wednesday. Ortiz and his lawyer told CBS4’s Carey Codd if it wasn’t for surveillance videotape, Ortiz’s future would likely include a term in prison.

So remember this, the next time you hear that someone assaulted a pig. Chances are good that the pig is the guilty party. This is now a trend in law “enforcement”.

Cleveland pig Nathan Thomas, 38, has a real love affair with oxycodone. He loved it 7,000 times in 1 year. But I bet he was also selling some of that love on the street. Yes, kiddies, cops deal drugs too. But alas, he was snared, probably because he didn’t cut his superiors in on the action. Always remember to pay your capo, lest you get whacked.

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