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police_brutality01West Warwick RI  pigs beat up teen, and another cover-up ensues.

The 15-year-old ninth-grade student said that West Warwick Police officers kicked him, punched him and threw him around and then to the ground at his school and then again at the West Warwick Police Department. He said that as a result of this brutality, he has a broken hand, multiple blood blisters, several bruises and a number of welted cuts.

“and that no one is telling the truth about what really happened because they are all just trying to cover their butts for beating up a 15-year-old kid.”

Handing out fliers in Eugene OR will lead to a smackdown.

A video of the arrest captured by a camera inside Eugene officer Jim McBride’s patrol car shows the former officer — Rob Hart — suddenly and forcefully restraining Stinnette after standing next to him outside the church at 252 Lawrence St.

Hart, who a federal government spokeswoman said was off-duty and acting as a private citizen at the time, first grabbed Stinnette by the wrist and bent it while helping McBride push Stinnette onto the hood of McBride’s car.

Once Stinnette is down, Hart is shown at one point gritting his teeth while vigorously twisting Stinnette’s arm behind his back.

Hart maintained a firm hold on Stinnette for about 30 seconds. He loosened his grip when Eugene officer Michelle Jones handcuffed Stinnette.

Stinnette — who has filed a complaint against the Eugene Police Department over the incident — provided the video to The Register-Guard. The incident documented on the video seems out of the ordinary: uniformed Eugene officers allow a non-officer — Hart — to take the lead in physically subduing Stinnette, who appeared to be calmly standing on the public sidewalk in front of the church when McBride and Jones arrived.

Video at link

Missoula MT porker Jason Huntsinger, 38, likes kiddie porn. He was busted by feds BECAUSE HE USED AN OFFICIAL PIG COMPUTER to receive it. So not only is he a dumbass, he is a perverted dumbass that should just jump off the nearest bridge to make things right again.

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