Pig News (Updated with more pig shenanigans)

pig-thumbDothan AL pig Brian O. Smith was shitcanned for ” “Violating the publics trust.”

He allegedly provided restricted information to a store owner, obtained a warrant for a fraudulent check and for making other unauthorized searches.

Smith claimed his estranged wife is responsible for those searches.

He says she had access to his accounts password.

Now look at this. He blames his estranged wife. It’s all her fault. How then did she have access to his passwords? Passwords to systems she had no business being on? Is she a hacker too?

But fear not. Pig Smith will be hired by another department, count on it.

What a tangled web we weave…

Read all about NYPD corruption, murder and mayhem

First we have a murdering pig, 1 woman dead and another injured, when pig Jerry Bowens, 43, went on a rampage. Pig Bowens is also a cooperating witness in another pig corruption case involving pigs Sergeant Michael Aranella, Detective Sean Johnstone, Officer Julio Alvarez and Officer Jason Arbeeny. They would steal drugs and money from dealers and use the proceeds to pay informants.

Over 280 cases have been thrown out because of these pigs. Which tells me it is extremely probable that they also used those drugs to plant on suspects (read: people they didn’t like).

Here, Norm Stamper, columnist for the Huffington Post, admits that he was a typical criminal with a badge in the San Diego PD.He liked to beat people up. He liked the power it gave him. He admittedly admired the pigs that beat up other people and wanted to be just like them.

Let’s all feel sorry for this worthless cocksucker as he falls on his sword and admits his piggishness as he tries to figure out why he did it.

This air thief needs to quit breathing. Quit stealing my air, Stamper.

Pineview GA pig Brent Wayne Powell, 26,  was with the Cochran PD, gets 5 years probation for sex with a 15 year old girl. And Pineview GA pig  Morris Ross was also charged with enticing a child and interference with custody.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Remember this. Pigs get probation for diddling (or worse) your daughters. What are you going to do about it? Is American Idol on now?

A former Savannah-Chatham Metro pig Antonio Taharka shot  Anthony Smashum in May 2007 during a foot chase.

The pigs attorney “expects Taharka to accept a negotiated plea to a reduced charge and plea guilty to that reduced charge.

I bet he gets probation. And a job offer from the Chicago PD.

And from Gracemont OK we have the Big Pig, The Master of the Pig Sty himself, trying desperately to get into another 15 year old girls pants. What is it with pigs and little girls?

gracemont-oklahoma-police-chief-garri-mcclure_45474219GRACEMONT, OK — An Oklahoma police chief is behind bars for lewd and indecent proposals he made to a 15-year-old girl. Former Gracemont police chief Garri McClure admitted to courting the young victim with hopes of beginning a sexual relationship with her.

WTF, he does bear a striking resemblance to a pig.

I’ve heard some people look like their pets, but I guess some people look like their job titles too.

Rest easy folks. It seems that 15 year old girls arent the only ones these pigs want to rut with. They like 16 year old girls too. 2 of them, in fact.

For example, there’s Buffalo NY pig Jonathan Parmalee, 25. Pig Parmalee  “is charged with 1 count each of forcible rape and statutory rape, for having sex with two 16-year-old girls.  Both incidents allegedly happened before he was hired to work for the department. “

Question: Since these bastards never quit, how many kids has he done this too since becoming a Pervert With A Badge?

Pig wannabe (he was a community service officer, a pig flunkie) Blake Shepard, 21, of Lacey WA cops a feel one day, resigns the next. This little piglet was transporting a woman to jail, for the god-awful horrendous crime of driving with a suspended  license, when he decided, and admitted to, grabbing a handful of tits.

Naturally, he pleaded not guilty.

Too bad. He would have fit right in with any police department out there. But first he must nurture a desire for little girls.

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