Why play the game?

blingWritten by Elliott Jackalope posted on Freedom4um

Consider the possibility that there are some games where the only way to win is to not play.

I think one of the single biggest problems our society has is that we’re all far too disconnected from our neighbors, our communities, our families and our deepest needs. We’ve been bamboozled and lied to and scammed, separated from what we really need and then given feeble substitutes instead. Picture an ox harnessed to a cart, with a carrot dangled in front of it to make it pull the cart, endlessly distracted from the lush grass in the meadows it’s walking through. If the ox were to realize the carrot is a lie, that it’s never going to get the carrot, and that all it needs to do is to stop chasing the carrot and instead lean down and eat the grass at its feet instead, suddenly the cart stops moving and the parasites riding the cart find themselves going nowhere fast. The ox does not need the cart, the cart needs the ox.

By the same token, we’re all deeply conditioned and programmed to think that we need material symbols of success and status to have any place in this society. When enough people buy into that conditioning, it creates its own reality, and soon we’re all frantically running ourselves into the ground desperately trying to “get ahead”, and for what? A heart attack at 50? A big empty house? An expensive luxury car that’s less reliable than a standard Honda sedan?

Some games can only be won by choosing to not play them. When the neighborhood “big kids” with the bicycles and skateboards and fancy toys try to goad younger children into doing something stupid by saying “if you don’t, you’re a chicken!“, the grown-ups watching it shake their heads and laugh at the blatant manipulations of the older bullies. Then those very same adults go inside, set their cheap alarm clocks so they can wake up every morning at 5:30 and go to work at some meaningless job they hate, and work themselves into an early grave because if they don’t then the “big kids” in our society who own the media and the corporations and the government will call them a “loser” or a “slacker” or some other, more vulgar equivalent.

Ultimately, it’s all a scam, a sham, a fraud and a lie.

Consider how much damage could be done to this fraudulent empire if enough of the serfs decided to quit playing by the rules of the elites, and decided to live their lives on their own terms, seeking only to make enough of a living to get by, giving up on the notion of “getting ahead” (which has proven to be a mirage, an illusion and a lie for the vast majority of American serfdom) and instead started working towards being able to live a simple, productive life outside of the mainstream concepts of “success” and “achievement”.

As George Carlin so eloquently pointed out, America is owned by an elite club of insiders, it’s a big club, and you’re not in it. They own the whole country, and everything and everyone in it. We’re not citizens, we’re property, and everyone knows it. So why play their game? Why live on their terms? Why continue to be a good little cog in their infernal machine? Why keep chasing that carrot that we never, ever get? Especially when we find out that the very few who do get that carrot quickly find out that it’s old and rubbery and half-rotten and tastes like warmed-over crap and makes you feel sick when you eat it. Why sacrifice our lives and our health and our environment and our families and our communities and our sanity in the pursuit of a lie? Just because some well-connected fat cat insiders told us that we should want that? Do you think they really care about us? Or do they just want us to keep chasing after that carrot so they can keep riding the cart?

Some games can only be won by choosing not to play them…

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