Pig News III

pigs_at_pennywell_sThe pig that oinked way too much…

New York pig Vaughan Ettienne cannot seperate his online persona from reality. That is because his online persona is as fake as his real life.

His online persona was of a typical crooked cop that tried to show how he covered up his crimes.

Except that trash talk in locker rooms almost never winds up preserved on a digital server somewhere, available for subpoena. The man on trial, Gary Waters, claimed that Officer Ettienne and his partner stopped him, beat him and then planted a gun on him to justify breaking three of his ribs. /snip/

So Mr Waters beat the weapons charge, because the jury believed that the gun was planted.

Officer Ettienne wrote. “If he wanted to tune him up some, he should have delayed cuffing him.” He added: “If you were going to hit a cuffed suspect, at least get your money’s worth ’cause now he’s going to get disciplined for” a relatively light punch.

The defense got a hold of that comment. His stupidity quite possible cost a conviction of a guilty man. Or it prevented the conviction of an innocent man. Good job, pig Ettienne, you are a credit to the “force”, you fucking moron.

Oakland is being sued again, for an incident in 2000 that left a man dead.

The lawsuit follows revelations last month that the FBI is conducting an investigation of the incident, including the role played by then-Lt. Edward Poulson, who was later promoted to captain and became head of the department’s Internal Affairs Division in 2008. Poulson was placed on paid leave Jan. 22.


Amaro suffered five broken ribs and a lacerated lung, among other injuries. He was not provided medical treatment and instead was taken to jail after his arrest on suspicion of attempting to purchase drugs.

Creston IA pigs John Sickles and James Christensen are on trial for raping a 45 year old woman. WHAT!?!?!?! You mean she was not 15 or 16? What are they thinking? All these young girls out there, just waiting to be raped by a cop, and they choose a 45 year old? How un-piglike.

Anyway, they admitted to lying about the whole sordid affair. Another shocking surprise. Not.

Veteran Alameda CA pig Ronald R. Jones arrested on narcotics charges.

He has developed a taste for narcotics and offered to “dispose” of them from the family of a  terminally ill cancer patient.

He disposed of them by swallowing them at a later time. At least he was smart enough not to eat them in front of that family. So maybe pigs aren’t entirely void of self restraint after all.

Jones was booked at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office on two felony counts of using fraud, deceit or misrepresentation to obtain a controlled substance.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave.

How nice that this porker gets a paid vacation out of this. It’s your tax money that is paying that asshole. Don’t you just love paying the criminals that you pay to catch other criminals?

Leesburg FL swine Charles Edgar Pinkston has developed a fondness for crack.He resigned. Too bad, if he had stayed, he would have been put on “paid administrative leave”.

One brave city commissioner called for drug testing of the entire pig sty, but the other commissioners decided that licking the pigs feet was the way to go, and refused this reasonable request.

Now, because of this criminal, everything he has done to this point is supposedly under “review”. In other words, they will now do everything they can to bury mention of any possibility of further criminal conduct in the department.

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