Pig News IV

pig_police_cartoonChicago pig Anthony Doyle was a true gangster. Cop by day, criminal by night.

The beefy Doyle moonlighted as an enforcer, mob “street tax” collector and even though he surrounded himself by cold-blooded killers, he was not held legally responsible for any of the 18 mob murders described in the indictment.


For this, he got 12 years in the pokey.

West Concord MN police chief loved to kill cats.

Robert Utech, 52, was found guilty of two felony counts involving torture or cruelty to animals, one felony count involving the wreckless discharge of a dangerous weapon, and one gross misdemeanor count of misconduct by a public official.

Utech also was accused of using a stun gun on an innocent bystander; botching an alleged juvenile sexual assault investigation; and telling a West Concord police officer not to charge anyone who lives in the city with driving under the influence.

Jury begins deliberations in Creston IA cops trial

Police chief James Christensen and former assistant chief John Sickels are

…charged with second-degree sexual assault in the alleged incident last April. Prosecutors say Sickels raped a woman at the Crestmoor Country Club while Christensen watched.

Law Enforcement: This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories from Stop The Drug War.

Nameless pigs try to murder an unarmed and nonthreatening  Michigan student.

Students today continue to question what happened after five officers with the West Michigan Enforcement Team, a regional drug unit, executed a drug-related search warrant on Copp’s apartment. Copp, a film and video major, was shot in the upper right chest area with a Glock handgun after police came through a back glass slider door.

Copp was listed in serious condition at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital.

Police on Thursday said there was no confrontation and did not think Copp was trying to flee, but did not divulge details about what led to the shooting.


Of course they would not divulge the details. They need to get their stories straight for the trial.

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