Pig News VII

FOP President: ‘I’ve Never Seen Morale This Low’

At the time he was appointed, the department had been tarnished by high-profile misconduct allegations, most notably the barroom beating of a female bartender by an off-duty Chicago police officer


That’ll teach him not to cooperate in any corruption investigation. He should have ignored the judges demands and withheld the list of pigs that have complaints against them, and gone to jail instead.

But because it was in his interests to turn over that list, the Chicago pigs believe it is in their best interests to see Weis leave so they can get back to murdering and beating up citizens. That will raise their “morale”.

It’s caught on video, but the pigs will not release it. I wonder what the real reason is for that…

But he was caught, and gets probation. The conviction is his second for a domestic-related incident.

Getting caught is strictly public relations. They ignore things like this at their peril. But when sentencing day comes, they get a free pass.

They were

…booked on identical charges of four counts of official misconduct, aggravated battery, battery and mob action. They are scheduled to appear Tuesday in Peoria County Circuit Court.

Family and friends watched as an elderly man was shot by police at a cookout. They say he was killed without justification. State and federal officials are on the case.

“I do recall a member indicating that he didn’t believe Mr. Hall was a reliable witness,” Cartagena testified.

Cartagena was called to the witness stand as the state wrapped up its case against Castagna, the suspended Burlington City Police Chief charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill his ex-wife, Joyce Leopold.


Ulmer pleaded guilty to stealing more than $5,000 dollars from a police evidence locker for personal use.

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