Pig News IX

He hands out bottled water to the local homeless. That homelessness is becoming more and more frequent nowadays, especially in San Diego where a Unibomber sized shack will run about $1000 per month.

For having the gall to provide a life sustaining liquid, he was beaten and injured by San Diego pigs.

“They were frantic, and it was almost a riot out here,” said one witness. /snip/

Also from San Diego, we have this:

San Diego police fear there may be a growing number of gun activists who want to carry their weapons openly. The trend is part of a national “open carry” movement keen on exercising gun rights. KPBS Reporter Amita Sharma has more. /snip/

Know what they are really afraid of? They are afraid of those that carry weapons instead of video cameras (which pigs also do not like).

It would be very difficult to openly beat the crap out of, or murder someone when you are worried about getting a bullet in the head.

Posted by David Kramer at March 19, 2009 11:23 AM

Darren McPhilimy sent me this link to a Pennsylvania Terrorist Watch website. It has the “usual suspects,” but it is not quite as comprehensive as the MIAC report. Here is an address to a PDF file that lists all of the Patriot Groups to “watch out” for:


The footnote at the bottom of page 1 states:

“A “patriot group” is defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center as opposed to the “New World Order” or advocating or adhering to extreme antigovernment doctrines.”

That, LRC readers, is definitive proof that the Mises Institute is a “terrorist” organization because the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other nonsense that it promotes, considers ALL Civil War revisionists to be perpetrators of a “hate” crime.

Vo Duong Tran, 44, of New Orleans, was convicted by a U.S. District Court jury in Santa Ana, which reached its verdict after deliberating one day. /snip/

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