Pig News XI

The Big Pig, Master of the Pig Sty himself, 53-year-old Michael Poulin of the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department, was arrested Friday night as he went into his wifes job and ranted and raved, oinked and snorted, then assaulted her. She is not injured, according to the pig Sheriff John Goggin. You can believe him if you want, but I’ll just wait and see…

Pig Poulin is also getting a paid vacation out of the deal.

Here is yet another porker that is getting a paid vacation when he has been charged with a felony.

It seems that pig Justin Dean Sumner, 29, of Ketchum OK, doesn’t like lights, and power transformers. He takes out his revenge by putting bullets into them. Pig Sumner did over $3,000 in damage.

South Dakota deputy pig Buckly McColl even got out on a $1,000 bond!

He has also been charged with perjury in yet another seperate case.

According to court documents, on November 22, 2008, McColl allegedly subjected a woman to sexual penetration three times while she was incapable of giving consent because of an intoxicating agent.

The incident allegedly took place while McColl was on duty in Edgemont, where both he and the victim live. /snip/

“A key piece of evidence in the state’s case against Boles is a semen-stained Carhartt jacket. The alleged victim testified Wednesday at the trial’s start that she wiped her hand on Boles’ jacket when he forcefully made her touch him last year. DNA tests show the semen is likely Boles’. “/snip/

A case of mistaken identity allegedly turns into a brutal scene that leaves two young Opelousas men battered and members of OPD being investigated.


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