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Richardson is scheduled to be sentenced in May on all the charges. He faces up to 85 years in prison.

He admitted in a plea agreement that he sold methamphetamine and prescription drugs while police chief. /snip/

He might face up to 85 years in prison, but I bet he doesn’t get anywhere near that sentence. I bet he gets a suspended sentence and probation. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

An Akron patrolman was allowed to resign rather than face criminal charges after taking $100 and allowing an unlicensed motorist to drive home a car he didn’t own.

The driver also traveled to the Akron Police Department where he filed a complaint against Officer William Price in an effort to demand his cash be returned.

He said Price was already appealing a 10-day suspension stemming from a physical confrontation he had on duty last year with a Goodyear Middle School student. /snip/

JUAREZ, Mexico — A deputy U.S. marshal who was shot to death in Juarez was wanted in the United States, according to court documents.

At the time of his death Bustamante was on administrative leave. Bustamante was wanted for failure to appear in court on charges of criminal theft of public property. /snip/

Delapaz is already serving a five-year sentence from another trial. He lied to a judge to obtain a search warrant in connection with the scandal, in which more than two dozen people were falsely arrested when paid Dallas police informants planted fake drugs on them.

Many of those arrested were Hispanic immigrants. The wrongdoing came to light in 2001 and forced the city to pay millions in settlements and led to negative publicity along with personnel changes at the Police Department. /snip/

The city did NOT pay the millions, YOU DID!

Faron White, a longtime sergeant who was once named officer of the year for the Decatur Police Department, admitted stealing from his office safe in 2007 and 2008 and faking his abduction in January with the help of Sarah Richardson. She was a citizen volunteer who helped in the organized crime unit supervised by White, 48. /snip/

260xstoryKenneth John Freeman, 46, told the court he had tried to get a 30-year sentence in a medium-security institution because he was not a violent person and it would spare taxpayers some money. But U.S. District Court Judge Lonny Suko said taxpayers would foot the bill because the lengthy term was justified.

Freeman, a former reserve sheriff’s deputy in Benton County, pleaded guilty in December to federal charges of production of child pornography and interstate transportation of a minor for the purpose of unlawful sexual activity. /snip/

— A former Cape Cod police officer accused of exposing himself and urinating on other fans at a Metallica concert in Boston is facing additional charges.

Prosecutors said Wednesday 29-year-old Joseph Houston has been charged with assault and battery and open and gross lewdness.

Houston was still a member of the Brewster Police Department on Jan. 18 when he allegedly exposed himself and urinated on two people, including a 17-year-old girl, attending the Metallica show.

Prosecutors say Houston was thrown out of the facility by police, then showed his badge to get back in. He was arrested for trespassing./snip/

The 15-year-old veteran, Scott Moss, was charged Wednesday with a domestic violence assault Saturday at his home in Samammish.

He was arrested by King County deputies after his wife called 911 and said he had cut her thumb with a knife during an argument.

Moss denied any physical contact with his wife. He was released from jail on $10,000 bail and is on paid leave from the Seattle Police Department.

… The officers said in their reports that Father Manship was holding an “unknown shiny silver object” and struggled with an officer who tried to take it from him.

But a 15-second video released by Father Manship’s lawyers this month showed one of the officers, before the arrest, asking him, “Is there a reason you have a camera on me?” The video goes blank as one officer approaches the priest.

Prosecutors did not return calls on Thursday seeking an explanation of why the charges were dropped. /snip/

I’ll tell you why they were dropped. It’s BECAUSE IT’S NOT A CRIME!

Justice wears a blindfold, because justice is supposed to be blind, applying equally to all.

But in Broward County, some critics say, if you’re the Fort Lauderdale police chief’s wife, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

How the matter of State of Florida v. Adderley has been handled so far, these lawyers contend, proves yet again that defendants with pull or money, or both, fare much better in court. /snip/

Just read the article.

DETROIT — Two men remain in prison for a cocaine bust, despite felony charges leveled Tuesday against the judge, prosecutor and police officers who sent them there.

Retired Wayne Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone, former Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Karen Plants and two Inkster Police officers were arraigned by a 36th District magistrate on misconduct charges for allegedly hiding the fact that a witness for the prosecution was a paid police informant who helped police set up the bust.

Plants and the investigators on the case, Inkster Police Sgt. Scott Rechtzigel and Officer Robert McArthur, face possible life sentences on perjury charges. All of the defendants were charged Tuesday with felony misconduct, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. /snip/

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