Pig News XIV

The child, who had multiple bruises over her body and an apparent fractured skull, was on life support Monday at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, according to the sheriff’s office. She remained in “very very critical condition,” according to Sheriff’s Capt. Randy LaBelle.


How ironic. One criminal being busted by other criminals.

  • Rogers AR pig Shane Aaron Knaust, 27, pleaded guilty Friday to sexual indecency with a child. The felony is punishable by up to six years in prison. I bet he gets probation and a suspended sentence.

Another pig with a penchant for 15 year old girls. 15 year old girls seems to be a trend with cops. They just love ’em.

Seems he was driving 90 MPH without using sirens or lights. He had no reason to be driving that fast. But because he wanted to be a Mr Big Shot, and thought he was above the law, he did it anyway. It cost a young woman her life.

Snyder was charged Friday with 33 counts of first-, second- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The complaint alleges the molestation began when the victim was in seventh grade and continued until earlier this month.


Philadelphia Police Officer Alhinde Weems showed up at an area hotel yesterday morning, authorities said, armed and ready to take down a local drug dealer, and willing to shoot if necessary.

The drug dealer, however, was the fabrication of an undercover officer, and the target of the sting was Weems, a 5 1/2-year veteran who “dishonored the badge,”


That’s funny. There is no honor in wearing that badge. How can it be “dishonored”?

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