Pig News XV

Pig Perritt then has the gall to sue the city of Beaumont for $2,300 he says the police officer’s benefit association owes him.

Two former Baltimore police officers and one current city officer have been indicted on federal civil rights and obstruction of justice charges.

Officer Gregory Mussmacher and former officer Guy Gertsel are accused of beating a handcuffed and shackled 17-year-old boy with a pool stick, then lying about the incident to authorities.

Their sergeant at the time, Wayne Thompson, is accused of ordering them to write a false police report.


Beating up a handcuffed 17 year old kid. They are so fucking brave. The time is coming when we will all get to see how brave these cocksucking pigs really are.

  • West Palm Beach pig  Craig Lemanowicz gets 5 years in the pokey for breaking into his ex-girlfriends apartment. He came prepared with a loaded weapon, which means he probably went in to murder her. They also found a shank on him while he was in jail.

I tell ya, it’s getting more and more difficult for these pigs to cover up for each other. It’s not like the good old days when this always happened. Crimes against people are hard to cover up unless the victim is dead.

He skated with a  suspended for 12 months, and he will have to complete an alcohol offender program.

No mention was made of others he arrested for the same charge.

  • Cumberland IN pig Glen Talbot has been charged with insurance fraud and official misconduct, accused of claiming his ex-wife on his health care policy nearly 15 years after they divorced.

Rest easy, he wont do time for this. There are 2 sets of laws, one for us, the other for the pigs.

  • Los Angeles pig Anthony Razo, 49, was charged in Superior Court with five felony and two misdemeanor charges, including insurance fraud and arson.

Razo, a 14-year veteran of the department, allegedly torched his BMW 745, reported it stolen for an insurance claim and filed a false police report in January.

A few weeks later Razo claimed he was attacked in a separate incident by two men, one of whom he said shot him with his own department-issued gun in the shoulder.


Avoiding a jury trial, Nathan Davis struck part of a deal with federal prosecutors Wednesday. He’s charged with using excessive force when he arrested a man two years ago. It started at a Baton Rouge home when the officer was investigating a complaint and tried to arrest Brian Townsend for disturbing the peace.

Townsend claims Davis not only pepper sprayed him, but also kicked him hard enough to rupture his bladder. He said it all happened while he was handcuffed. The former officer pleaded guilty to spraying Townsend for no good reason, but denied kicking him while he was in handcuffs.


Lanzy Lamar Coker, 50, was charged Monday in Garfield County with five counts of armed robbery, one count of attempted armed robbery and one count of second-degree burglary, court records show. Coker remained jailed Tuesday on $200,000 bond.


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