Pig News XVII


What a nice pig

Or so they want you to believe.

For example, here is a story from Annapolis Md.

Pig Gary Black – who now works as a deputy with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department, beat the crap out of 2 men. 1 man was beaten so severely that he needed brain surgery.

Pig Black then charged the man with disorderly conduct. The charges were dismisssed, of course, since pig Black was the guilty party. But pig Black was also cleared by internal affairs. Shocking. Not.

But the city settled the claims because “It really was a matter of what the cost of litigation would be”.

He also happens to be the son of another corrupt Chicago pig that was convicted in the ’80s. Like father like son.

Defense attorney Francis Lipuma told jurors on Monday that his client was bragging about his job to William Guide, a former officer who went to prison in a corruption case, not passing along information.

“He was boasting about what he had done,” Lipuma said, adding that no harm ever came to Calabrese, his family or federal agents.

He doesn’t like the idea of answering any questions because he doesn’t want to  incriminate himself with even more crimes. Among other things, he may be charged with attempted murder.

He  is charged with capital murder for the shotgun slaying of 58-year-old Beverly Gail Grayson last October. He is also charged with attempted capital murder for wounding his wife, Pamela Dunn, in the same episode at a mobile home on Arkansas Highway 258.

The 11-year veteran of the Madera County Sheriff’s Department remains on paid administrative leave. After his March arrest, he was released from jail on $300,000 bail.

Be a pig. You can rape and get paid for it. What a deal.

  • Steven Burgess

    Steven Burgess

    Here’s a GOOD ONE! Missouri pig Steven W. Burgess rapes little girl while in his patrol car and gets a suspended sentence.

Steven W. Burgess, 35, of Independence (MO) , pleaded guilty in December 2007 in Jackson County Circuit Court to statutory sodomy and deviate sexual assault and was sentenced three months later to 14 years in prison.

Circuit Judge Robert M. Schieber suspended the sentence, however, and put Burgess on probation for five years.

Another paid vacation for someone that tried to murder an innocent man.

He murdered 2 men because he was drunk. He will also, no doubt, get a slap on the wrist with a wet noodle as a punishment.

He broke her orbital bone, and to add insult to injury, threatened her life if she told any other pigs.

The Pig Union Local is now trying to bail him out of jail.

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