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Police brutality results

Police brutality results

Pigs Loomis and Chapa then had the gall to charge the family with obstruction of governmental justice. They were found not guilty.

That pig sty had to settle another case earlier this year when 2 other pigs assaulted another motorist.

He was arrested and is STILL ON DUTY! Dont you NC residents feel lucky to have this woman beater still on patrol?

Only once in about the last ten years has a Harris County jury found a police officer criminally responsible for his actions. In 2003, Houston Police Officer Arthur Carbonneau shot and killed 14-year-old Eli Escobar after the mentally challenged boy began to struggle with the officer. /snip/

Pigs cannot even control a 14 year old boy without trying to murder them. Now they consider anyone a target.

“The charges are aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated statutory rape, official misconduct, official oppression, sexual battery by an authority figure.”

  • Gary IN chief pig Thomas Houston gets the minimum sentence, 41 months, for violating a burglary suspect’s civil rights by kicking him while he was handcuffed.

Pig Houston wants sympathy.  He says “Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer is not as painful for me as having to wear the badge of a convicted felon,” Houston said. ”

Poor poor pig. Want some sympathy? There’s a saying that you can find sympathy in the dictionary between “shit” and “syphilis”.  Fuck you, pig Houston.

Now they are worried about the entire pig sty and its morale. I thought assaulting a woman would improve morale. I guess not.

Fuck them and their morale. If they were on fire, I’d help out out the flames, if I had a full bladder.

  • Gerald Copeland,a  20-year veteran of the Fulton County GA Police Department, likes to pick up prostitutes, take them out of the city, do what he wanted with them, and then abandoned them.

Pig Copeland is charged with aggravated sexual battery, battery and false imprisonment.

Police Chief Dale Lee Roiger (ROY’-gur) is accused of having one of his officers secretly plant a digital recorder to see if City Council members were meeting illegally at the Chamber of Commerce office. /snip/

  • Diane Buchanan, LA California shit-eating-pig extraordinaire, let 5 kids attempt to murder another kid she accused of stealing her cellphone. Stupid Cunt Buchanan later found her precious fucking cellphone in her car. Stupid bitch left it there. A kid was almost murdered over this. Cunt Buchanan didn’t even have the decency to get him medical help. She left him to die. By the grace of God he lived.

For this, she faces the paltry sum of 6 years in prison. She will probably get probation.

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