Pig News XXII

You're safe. You aren't a teenager. They usually don't rape older women

You're safe. Too many witnesses.

WAUKESHA – A retired Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department deputy was arrested Friday and charged with seven counts of first degree sexual assault of a child, five counts of child enticement-sexual contact, three counts of second degree sexual assault of a child, two counts of child enticement-exposing a sex organ, and one count of causing a child aged 13 to 18 to view sexual activity, all felonies.

Click on the link to see a picture of pig Greenwald.

  • Law Enforcement: This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

Read about them here at StopTheDrug War.org

  • Memphis TN pig James George is charged with aggravated kidnapping, rape and official misconduct. He likes to make women undress and perform oral sex on him. Then he threatens her life.

Big Pig Director Larry Godwin vows a coverup… I mean a “full investigation”.

  • A former Arab AL pig Shane Alldredge just got out of prison for soliciting sexual favors from women in exchange for dismissing traffic tickets and “other charges”. He  beat up his wife. Shocking!

Federal Magistrate Judge Randolph F. Treece freed Nadoraski, 40, of Colonie, from jail with numerous conditions — including that he remain confined to his home, submit to a mental health evaluation and stay off the Internet unless he agrees to a court-sanctioned monitoring regimen. /snip/

Erik A. Hanson posted $5,000 bail Friday after his arrest Thursday. Sgt. Lyman Moore of the Clallam County sheriff’s office says an investigation revealed e-mail and phone correspondence between Hanson and a 12-year-old Forks girl. Forks Police Chief Mike Powell contacted the sheriff’s department in February after the girl said inappropriate sexual contact had occurred on Aug. 12 in a secluded area in Forks. Hanson was serving in Iraq with the National Guard Reserves during the investigation. /snip/

Just read it. It’s too long, sickening  and convoluted to summarize here.

He was acting as coach of the Junior Varsity team when he bit a player in the nose.

One player said “Coach Hayes could snap at any given time and gets mad super quick.”

Pig Hayes is a prick, plain and simple, and typical.

Pig Maroney with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Durham NC thinks it was a miscarriage of justice to have been fired for something so trivial as using a nightstick and pepper spray on that patient. Pig Maroney wants his job back.

Hey, his lawyer said he did nothing wrong, and we all know lawyers don’t lie…

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