More funny spin doctoring from those with their own agenda

NEW YORK (AP) — Hopeful signs that the worst may be over for the economy boosted Americans’ moods in April, sending a closely watched barometer of sentiment to the highest level since November.

The New York-based Conference Board said Tuesday that its Consumer Confidence Index rose more than 12 points to 39.2, up from a revised 26.9 in March. The reading marks the highest level since November’s 44.7 and well surpasses economists’ expectations for 29.5.

The consumer confidence survey showed a substantial improvement in consumers’ short-term outlook, including even their assessment of the job picture.


Who is the “Conference Board” you ask? Let’s look it up.

The CB was created in 1916 by industry leaders attempting to address the decline in public confidence toward business and the growing unrest among America’s labor force. This growing sentiment became so prevalent that it threatened the stability and growth of the economy. CB organizers wished to create a not-for-profit cooperative of executives – free of propaganda and partisanship – that could objectively address issues impacting their various industries and society as a whole.


Well well well. What have we here? They issue propaganda and yet claim to be free of propaganda.

But perhaps they have changed? Have they turned over a new leaf?

Would you believe the Nazi party if they said they have transformed themselves into the Little Puppy And Kitten Lovers Society?

Didn’t think so…

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