Pig News XXIII

Come, my darling. We shall make beautiful music together.

Come, my darling. We shall make beautiful music together.

He is getting a paid vacation. Your CA tax dollars at work.

Among those urging Peters to be lenient were Pierce’s teenage son, other family members, three assistant principals at various schools, two preachers and a former fellow football coach. /snip/

They love their child molesters at these schools and churches, I guess.

Vickers is charged with two counts of molesting a juvenile and sexual malfeasance in prison. He was being held on $200,000 bond. They were 15 and 16 year old girls.


Pig Vanaman cries like a baby

He also admitted to tampering with evidence.

In his plea, Vanaman said he shot his wife twice during a heated argument over their crumbling marriage.

Then, he said, he cut himself with a knife blade in an attempt to fool investigators into thinking she had sliced him with the knife before he shot her.

The defense had argued Robert Vanaman shot his wife in self-defense after she attacked him with a knife in the kitchen. /snip/

Corrupt Pig Carona

Corrupt Pig Carona

Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona was cleared of corruption charges in January after prosecutors alleged he receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts in exchange for favours including job appointments.

  • Yorktown VA A former Newport News police officer charged four months ago with sexual assault now also faces child-pornography charges. Special prosecutor Leslie Siman-tov said yesterday that Ronald M. Hendrickson of Yorktown has been charged with filming a nonconsenting person under age 18, possession of child pornography and production of child pornography.

And from the same page we have this:

Virginia Beach Seven people accused of participating in a $10 million drug ring in Virginia Beach have been indicted. An unidentified police officer is listed in the indictment as a co-conspirator.


Pig Viercinski

Brian Viercinski was charged after his girlfriend reported an assault on Sunday night, police said.According to a police report, the couple began arguing over a phone call. The report said that Viercinski’s girlfriend suffered injuries to her right arm and knees.


Perverted Pig McNeeley

  • BROOKLYN OH— Olmsted Township Police Chief Charles McNeeley faces charges after being arrested Tuesday morning for lewd behavior in the Cleveland Metroparks, rangers said.

Rangers arrested McNeeley following an incident at the Memphis Picnic Area in the Big Creek Reservation in Brooklyn, spokeswoman Dianna Kall said.

A ranger on foot patrol spotted McNeeley and Daniel Crown masturbating between two parked cars, Capt. Jack Hall said.

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