Pig News XXVI

Friendly Smiling Pigs

Friendly Smiling Pigs

Let’s get things started in this latest installment of Pig News, shall we? There’s lots of murder, mayhem and child molestation and rape to report.

Pig Garcia has been a deputy for 19 years, which means for 19 years he molested kids and had kiddie porn. These things aren’t just one time deals, they do it until they get caught.

Pig Garcia is getting a paid vacation out of the deal. Be a cop, rape a little girl and get paid for it. That is a kiddie diddlers dream job!

Pig Fields

Pig Fields

He murdered, raped, kidnapped, and sodomized Corinna Mullen, and tampered with physical evidence.

Authorities said Fields had a relationship with Mullen, 20, before her death and that he was the investigating officer into her murder.

I wonder how many years of probation he will get for this crime…

Former Honolulu police officer Glenn Miram called it “an impetuous, thoughtless mistake” that cost him his reputation and his career.

The “mistake” was tipping off the people who ran an illegal cockfighting operation in Waialua of an impending police raid because he was upset with his supervisor. Miram, 34, was assigned to the Honolulu Police Department’s Narcotics/Vice Division at the time.


Bald Knob AR pig Danny Dunn pleaded guilty Monday in Searcy to second-degree murder for the slaying of 58-year-old Beverly Gail Grayson. He also pleaded guilty to battery for shooting 37-year-old Pamela Dunn.

Dunn was sentenced to 40 years in prison — 30 years for the murder conviction and 10 years for battery. The sentences run consecutively.

Vincent Cantu, who served eight years with the Pasadena Police Department, pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court.

Cantu admitted robbing two La Habra banks last year and was suspected of robbing three others in 2005 and 2006. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors agreed not to pursue the other alleged robberies.

Oh wait, she is 34. That is 127 years old, in pig years. She is over the hill.

Anyway, Pig whats-his-name is getting a paid vacation out of the deal.

The 34-year-old victim, who is the mother of Patzanakidis’ 5-year-old child and is pregnant with another of his children, told police that the couple got into an argument early Saturday morning and Patzanakidis tried to grab her several times before ripping off her glasses and grabbing the back of her neck.

The woman told police that he pushed her face into a counter top, causing her to hit her teeth, mouth and left wrist on the counter, then grabbed the phone away from her as she tried to call 911, according to the report.


Derontay Anton Langford, 34, and Mitnee Markette Jones, 46, are the fourth and fifth Fulton jail officers to be charged in a case that began as an investigation into the death of inmate Richard Glasco in March 2008.

And on March 20, the first deputy arrested in the federal investigation, Curtis Jerome Brown Jr., 41 of Lithonia, was charged with beating a mentally ill inmate, who later died.

State Police have charged suspended Officer Gary Pignato of Hilton with third-degree bribery of a public servant, a felony; second-degree coercion, official misconduct and third-degree criminal trespass, all misdemeanors.

This one is going to get ugly. The whole fucking pig sty is under investigation and is being watched very closely to ward off any kind of coverup.

1 pig, 1 pig wannabe

1 pig, 1 pig wannabe

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Hardip Singh said the men who tried to take his money Friday didn’t look like criminals; in fact, one of the men is a police officer.

Deshawn Howard, 28, has been on the Jackson Police force for two years.

Now, he’s charged with extortion.

Cedric Body, 40, a security officer for Jackson Public Schools, is also charged with extortion and and is facing charges of impersonating a police officer.

Clarendon – The police chief in Clarendon has been fired after being accused of stealing from a Dollar General Store.

Clarendon Mayor Donald Branch announced he fired Police Chief Willie Farr Jr. after a closed-doors meeting Monday night with the city council. Branch says Farr will have a chance to contest his firing at a city council meeting scheduled for May 18.

The Arkansas State Police arrested Farr, 34, and his wife, Reba Farr, 29, last week and charged them with felony theft of property after a two-month investigation. Farr’s lawyer said he disagreed with the Mayor’s decision.



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