Pig News XXVII

Child rapist Brian LeporeChild rapist Brian Lepore

Cop Brian Lepore, 37, of 45 Standish Avenue in North Providence RI, raped a teenager while he was on duty.

He got a 1 year SUSPENDED  sentence and probation.

Corrupt judge Judge Netti Vogel is the one that let him get away with raping a teenager. Which makes Judge Vogel just as guilty of child rape as Lepore is.

“One officer was hitting the individual in the face, and the other officer started kicking him in the face,” documents state. “The individual was also tased by the officers.”

Johnson started to film the incident and made the officers aware by shouting, “I believe you are kicking that guy in the face with your boot,” the lawsuit states.

While he was still filming, one of the officers approached Johnson and told him to leave, it states. When he refused and told the officers “that he intended to continue filming what he believed to be police brutality,” Tomitsch approached him “as he attempted to retreat,” documents state.

Johnson claims that Tomitsch attacked him and wrestled him to the ground.

“Officer Tomitsch struck (Johnson) in the face before attempting to handcuff him,” documents state.

I hope pig Tomitsch and anyone else involved is held to be personally liable. Otherwise the people will pay the bill through their taxes.

Curtis Gambrel, 44, of Twin Falls ID, is accused of obtaining numerous fraudulent prescriptions for the drugs Hydrocodone and Oxycodone from nurse practitioner Jan Sund from Jan. 2005 to April 2007.

Gambrel resigned from the Twin Falls Police Department in April 2007. During his 22-year career, he was a D.A.R.E. instructor, patrol officer and detective.

So he was on painkillers while telling kids about the dangers of drugs.

Judge Skretny spared the 62 year old jail time and sentenced him to two years probation.

The Texas Rangers had confirmed in March they were investigating Comeaux’s actions during the traffic stop.

Sow Kimberly Whyley

Sow Kimberly Whyley

OAKVIEW, MO – An 88-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, man says a female cop broke his arm, and now he’s suing the tiny Northland city of Oakview, population 387, for $5 million.

Oakview police officer Kimberly Whyley, 38, faces misdemeanor assault charges in the incident, which was captured on her patrol car’s dash-cam. But for Theresa Forte, wife of alleged victim Phillip Forte, the criminal charge isn’t enough.

Cunt Whyley is getting a paid vacation.

It’s not that there’s never a dull moment in city government here. But there are obviously still continuing tensions in a town where some residents launched a recall petition before the previous mayor resigned; split down the middle over the appointment of her boyfriend – an admitted felon who was on probation – as the town’s dogcatcher; and saw its former police chief resign after being investigated and charged with official misconduct.

For Sheriff Rudy Eller, we have only the partial numbers for 2007, because he left office in August of that year after pleading guilty to charges of making false statements, violation of his oath of office and hindering the apprehension of a criminal (all related to the case of a deputy charged with a drive-by shooting). The sheriff was on track in 2007 to make $80,088.73 instead of the authorized $67,242.79. That’s a difference of $12,845.94.

Pig Greenwell

was arrested Thursday and later released on $25,000 bond. Sheriff’s spokesman Casey Hicks says following his arrest, Duke’s commission as a volunteer reserve deputy was revoked and his badge seized.

Lybarger was part of a second round of arrests in connection with a prostitution ring referred to as “Desert Divas.” She was placed on administrative leave.

Three years ago, Madison County and St. Clair County prosecutors told the board they wouldn’t file cases in which Reichert was a material witness because a federal judge found his testimony in a drug case wasn’t credible and because Reichert was convicted of a federal misdemeanor for selling the fake sunglasses. Federal prosecutors also have said they wouldn’t take Reichert’s cases.

SOMERSWORTH — A part-time Madbury police officer charged by Somersworth police on Wednesday with sexually assaulting a minor is also a full-time firefighter in Newington.

Newington Fire Chief Roy Greenleaf said Jonathan March has been a full-time firefighter on the force for a little more than a year. He was previously a call firefighter in Madbury.

March, 31, of 16 Swan Drive, in Lee, is currently on paid leave from the department, pending the outcome of the investigation against him.

Sexually assaulted a minor? Check.

Paid vacation? Check.

Another suspended sentence? I bet that gets a check too.

Daniel Saba is accused of breaking into a Chanhassen home on May 6th

Pig Daniel Saba

Pig Daniel Saba

and rummaging through the house looking for pharmaceutical drugs.

Saba, of Shorewood, is a Minnetonka police officer who is currently on leave from his job.

During the alleged burglary, the homeowner was in the basement and heard someone rummaging through drawers and cupboards in the upstairs of his home. The homeowner went to investigate and said he saw Saba walking down the stairs in his home. The homeowner said he told Saba to leave and then he called 911.

The Carver County Attorney has charged Saba with felony First Degree Burglary.

JOLIET, Ill., May 8 (UPI) — Drew Peterson, the former Illinois police officer suspected of killing two wives, made a brief court appearance Friday, joking with the news media.

Peterson’s lawyer was not present and his arraignment on a charge of drowning his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in March 2004 was postponed until May 18, The Chicago Tribune reported. Peterson, who was arrested Thursday, was led into the Will County Courthouse in Joliet in a red prison jumpsuit and chains.

“Look at this bling. Look at this nice spiffy outfit,” Peterson said. “Three squares a day.”

No word yet on if anyone thought he was funny.


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