Tiller The Killer is dead. Shot in church

***UPDATE*** US Attorney General Eric Holder is dispatching US Marshals to protect abortion clinic and doctors around the country.

Holder issued the following statement:

The murder of Doctor George Tiller is an abhorrent act of violence, and his family is in our thoughts and prayers at this tragic moment. Federal law enforcement is coordinating with local law enforcement officials in Kansas on the investigation of this crime, and I have directed the United States Marshals Service to offer protection to other appropriate people and facilities around the nation. The Department of Justice will work to bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice. As a precautionary measure, we will also take appropriate steps to help prevent any related acts of violence from occurring.


If you beat your dog you will get more grief from the “justice” system than he ever got.

7-Month Aborted Fetus

7-Month Aborted Fetus

It takes a special kind of cold blooded depravity to either 1) pull the baby out, breech style, where only the head is in the vagina, stick a cannula into his or her skull and suck the brains out, or 2) rip a baby to shreds and vacuum out the pieces, or 3) burn that baby alive with strong saline solution.

Did he use one “procedure”, or all of them?

What the “hell” kind of “man” does things like that, and still goes to church? Is the church that depraved that they want someone like that in there? What good did it do him? What the “hell” kind of sermons did they teach?

Good riddance to a cold blooded murderer. I’m not so sure this excuses the man that murdered him, but I won’t shed any tears for Tiller.


9 Responses

  1. hahahah rofl, how horrible he aborted the baby. Lets kill him for doing it. HAHAH

    nice to have a shot of a 7 month abortion next to the article to scare up some hate…

  2. This makes me sick. The baby couldn’t do anything.
    How could he do that, still go to church, and sleep at night?

    He should have had all of those Inhumane thing done to HIM as an exocution ;_;

  3. this makes me so sick to my stomach!
    who ever did this should be shot!
    i don’t know how someone can do this to a helpless baby and still be able to sleep at night!!!

  4. So horrible i cant understand how can someone do this to a baby. shawana i agree with you..

  5. thats a horrible thing .. why do women get abortions when there women out there who cant even have kids

  6. I felt relieved he was just a lump of flesh anyways.

    • i hope you’re not talking about that innocent baby in that pic above????
      b/c if you are….
      you make me sick!!!
      how can you look at that and say that’s just a lump of flesh!?!

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