Children Raped at Abu Ghraib by your military

I post this for the benefit of  my military visitors, just to say “Fuck you, you worthless vile sick twisted bottom-feeding slime slurping assholes”.

But then again, they may take that as a compliment. They like being worthless vile sick twisted bottom-feeding slime slurping assholes. They give you medals for that. They promote you for that.

For some time now, I have hoped that none of you return alive, because you will do the very same things to us if martial law is ever declared. You deserve death, over there where you committed these crimes. I earnestly hope you get what you so richly deserve, because not only are all of you indirectly responsible for rape, you are all directly responsible for the murders of over 1 million people since this second invasion. This does not include the first invasion and the 500,000 dead kids from the sanctions.

Allegations of children being raped to force their parent to give information have long been alleged by award winning journalist Sy Hersch (Video) but now a report via the Telegraph UK reveals that this allegation is true, and that their were even pictures.

Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’
Photographs of alleged prisoner abuse which Barack Obama is attempting to censor include images of apparent rape and sexual abuse, it has emerged.

At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.

Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.

Another apparently shows a female prisoner having her clothing forcibly removed to expose her breasts.

Detail of the content emerged from Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who conducted an inquiry into the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq

Instead of coming from some radical Human Rights organization, this information is coming from a former U.S. Army General, the man who headed the investigation into the Abu Ghraib scandal – and was prohibited from looking at the involvement of higher-ups in these crimes.

Is it rather interesting that John Yoo publicly and specifically argued that *THIS WAS LEGAL*.



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