Pig News XXXVI

Pig Leroy Kuffel

Pig Leroy Kuffel

IL Cop pleads not guilty to sex charges

A suspended Round Lake Beach police officer charged with molesting a 16-year-old girl pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Lake County Circuit Court.

Leroy Kuffel, 51, faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Pig Frank White

Pig Frank White

VISTA – A jury was seated Tuesday to hear the trial of a San Diego police officer charged with shooting a woman and her 8-year-old son after a road-rage incident while he was off-duty in Oceanside.

Frank White, 29, is charged with a felony count of gross negligent discharge of a firearm and a misdemeanor count of exhibiting a gun.

The officer, who has been on administrative leave without pay since the March 15, 2008, incident, faces up to nine years in prison if convicted on the weapons charges.

Opening statements are scheduled Wednesday morning in the courtroom of Judge Harry Elias.

White is accused of shooting Rachel Silva and her son, Johnny, in the parking lot of a Lowe’s home improvement store.


Former Detectives Jason Edwards and Robert Long, on trial in U.S. District Court this week, are among nine Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers arrested or convicted in the past 13 months.


Pig Lelinski

Pig Lelinski

MILWAUKEE (AP) — An appeals court has upheld a guilty verdict against a former Milwaukee police officer accused of sexually assaulting women he met while on duty.

The District 1 Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday the evidence clearly shows that Steven Lelinski used his position to prey on poor, vulnerable women for sexual gratification.

The court says Lelinski’s behavior was shocking and his sentence of nearly 22 years in prison was appropriate.

Lelinski was convicted in 2007 of second-degree sexual assault with use or threat of force, attempted second-degree sexual assault with use or threat of force, lewd and lascivious behavior and fourth-degree sexual assault.

Lelinski assaulted one woman in the presence of her 18-month-old daughter.

Jurors deliberated for five and half hours Monday before finding former Melrose Park Police Chief Vito Scavo guilty of all 22 counts in his federal corruption trial that lasted seven weeks.

Scavo was accused of shaking down local businesses to hire his private security companies. These firms were run out of the Melrose Park Police Station using on-duty cops and squad cars.


CHARLESTON — Two individuals are suing three Montgomery police officers — one with multiple lawsuits against him — saying they were violently accosted and subjected to racial slurs during run-ins with the officers.

Thomas Hardy and Deneen Obey, mother of Chyna Obey, filed separate lawsuits May 21 in Kanawha Circuit Court against the city of Montgomery, and officers Matthew Leavitt, Shawn Hutchinson and D.W. Adams.

Hutchinson was fired as a police officer with the city after a previous incident. It is unclear of the status of Leavitt and Adams.

Leavitt is the subject of multiple lawsuits by citizens who alleged police brutality. Often the plaintiffs are black and allege they were targeted because of their race.


Pig Blum

Pig Blum

A Milwaukee police officer has refused to answer questions under oath for Frank Jude’s civil rights lawsuit against the city, triggering questions by police commanders and the district attorney’s office.

It is the first time Bradley Blum, a 10-year veteran of the department, has invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions to avoid self-incrimination in the Jude case.

Blum was fired in 2005 by then-Chief Nannette Hegerty for gross neglect of duty and failing to protect Jude, who was savagely beaten by officers in 2004 outside a party in Bay View.

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission gave Blum his job back but imposed a 60-day unpaid suspension. Blum, 35, is a patrol officer assigned to the city’s south side, a department spokeswoman said Monday.


DeKalb County authorities reportedly plan to release new surveillance video Thursday of the former deputy sheriff who escaped while awaiting trail for a double murder.

Derrick Yancey, 50, is accused of murdering his wife and a day laborer nearly a year ago. Linda Yancey, 44, and 20-year-old Marcial Puluc were killed June 9.



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