Evidence of economic collapse martial law preparations

This is going to be interesting.I see this differently than most people. When most people look at vids like this, they get scared. Sometimes they get so scared that they refuse to even think about things like this anymore.

What we see happening now is the prison planet system breaking down, because in their greed and lust for power they have ignored a very important principle; that truth is stronger than lies. Build your house on truth and it stands. Build it on lies and it falls. It will happen every time, without fail.

This police state being formed around us is being built out of fear. Real terrifying fear. Because they know they are going down and it wont be pretty.

So, even though we will face life and death situations and have some bouts with terror, we will win, because our “rulers” have already lost.

There is a maxim in satanism that you are to be dangerous even in defeat. They will follow that maxim, right into the grave.

Keep the faith.


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