A persistent blogger annoys police — and winds up in jail.

A 34-YEAR-OLD woman, the mother of a 12-year-old girl, has been locked up in a Virginia jail for three weeks and could remain there for at least another month. Her crime? Blogging about the police.

Elisha Strom, who appears unable to make the $750 bail, was arrested outside Charlottesville on July 16 when police raided her house, confiscating notebooks, computers and camera equipment. Although the Charlottesville police chief, Timothy J. Longo Sr., had previously written to Ms. Strom warning her that her blog posts were interfering with the work of a local drug enforcement task force, she was not charged with obstruction of justice or any similar offense. Rather, she was indicted on a single count of identifying a police officer with intent to harass, a felony under state law.


I do hereby swear, that if I ever saw a cop on fire, I would help put out the flames. But ONLY if I had a full bladder at the time.

That goes for every pig out there.


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  1. The approach I take is often a, “wait & see” -approach. with that I implement the listening to both sides of the story. I then make a judgement for myself. Also, fact finding within the internet is proving to be difficult because the information provided is often credible. Anyone can post info. The best way to secure information is from real, published books. The ones with actual pages you can feel and read text from. Make sure you look at the print date and publishers. Find out if the publisher is accredited. Even research the publisher to determine if they have or are connected to a political agenda. I do the best I can to make understandings about the world around trhough personal experience and deductive reasoning. We have all the skills to make critical thinking possible. When I feel insecure and bored, I go listen to Alex Jones for entertainment. I don’t trust the government for obvious reasons, they have a track record of lying and coverups. Then, why should I still trust Alex Jones? Because he has a voice in the media? Because he uses familiar facts and tries to make predictions? There is spin and redundant exposure of media headlines. Arm yourself with facts and discount gossip. Anytime religion is mentioned, be careful. It usually means you should take a step back and view it with a raised eyebrow. Commit yourself to exercise, eating healthy, avoid unecessary chemicals, think positive, rest properly(6-8 hours sleep) and enjoy your life. You can easily distance yourself from government and scaremongers. You have the power to be an independent. Go your own way!

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