More Alex Jones bullshit for you.

Source: Examiner

Many followers of Alex Jones and his web-site are full of terrifying conspiracies of a new world order. Many critics of Alex Jones claim that his conspiracies never come true and that there is not much research behind what he says.

William Cooper author of the book Behold a Pale Horse exposed Alex Jones as a scaremonger just before William Cooper was killed by authorities in 2001. William Cooper explained how on New Year’s Eve of 1999 Alex Jones’ radio show was full of lies, propaganda and scare tactics. Cooper explained how Alex Jones discredited patriots with his acts of fear mongering. According to William Cooper, Jones’ radio broadcast on that night could have created mass panic that led to martial law.

[listen to this here: Youtube -PSUSA]

Cooper believed that Alex Jones is trying to make Americans violent so martial law can take place. On New Year’s Eve of 1999 Alex Jones explained how cash machines were failing, explosives were going off in France, missiles being launched in Russia and how China was being attacked. Alex Jones also began shouting about how there were more wars going on at that time than in the last 50 years. Alex Jones even said that hundreds of thousands of people were dying on the last day of 1999. None of these so called wars or mass killings were taking place. Jones succeeded in panicking large amounts of people that night and is still succeeding to this day.

Some who oppose Alex Jones believe he is a change agent who is trying to inspire violence so the United States has a revolution. Other’s claim that he is part of a secret government project called ‘mockingbird’ where a commercial broadcaster infiltrates the media. One of Cooper’s favorite quotes was, “Whoever fires the first shot loses.” Many claims and accusations of conspiracies are being made by Alex Jones but solutions are seldom offered.

Supporters of Alex Jones call him a true patriot and much of the alternative media appreciate the attention he has brought to out of the box thinking on commercial media. So is Alex Jones exposing conspiracies or is he inspiring fear in hopes of creating martial law? Maybe he was just a victim of reporting so-called facts and stories that he didn’t research or maybe he is being fed false information. William Cooper often said, “We must have moral high ground.” Scaring each other will get us nowhere except in a bunker with water and ammunition in the mountains. Topics such as immigration, H1N1 vaccinations and an Orwellian new world order all need to be researched and openly discussed with a foundation of education.

Scaremongering fictional e-mails that have Obama, Rush Limbaugh and Oprah saying this and that need to be researched not gossiped and forwarded to your friends and co-workers. So the next time you hear some frightening news do your research and see if a panic merchant sold you some chicken fried fear.


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  1. The approach I take is often a, “wait & see” -approach. with that I implement the listening to both sides of the story. I then make a judgement for myself. Also, fact finding within the internet is proving to be difficult because the information provided is often credible. Anyone can post info. The best way to secure information is from real, published books. The ones with actual pages you can feel and read text from. Make sure you look at the print date and publishers. Find out if the publisher is accredited. Even research the publisher to determine if they have or are connected to a political agenda. I do the best I can to make understandings about the world around trhough personal experience and deductive reasoning. We have all the skills to make critical thinking possible. When I feel insecure and bored, I go listen to Alex Jones for entertainment. I don’t trust the government for obvious reasons, they have a track record of lying and coverups. Then, why should I still trust Alex Jones? Because he has a voice in the media? Because he uses familiar facts and tries to make predictions? There is spin and redundant exposure of media headlines. Arm yourself with facts and discount gossip. Anytime religion is mentioned, be careful. It usually means you should take a step back and view it with a raised eyebrow. Commit yourself to exercise, eating healthy, avoid unecessary chemicals, think positive, rest properly(6-8 hours sleep) and enjoy your life. You can easily distance yourself from government and scaremongers. You have the power to be an independent. Go your own way!

    • EDIT:Also, fact finding within the internet is proving to be difficult because the information provided is often NOT credible.

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