Pig News XLIV

Pig Davis is an air thief. This worthless coward has to wait until he retired to tell the truth about what the readers of this blog already know. In other words, he covered for for cops raping women and didn’t lift a finger to stop it.

Davis, who retired in 2007, is the second former Lorain police officer to accuse the department of condoning sexual misconduct by officers.

So where the hell were you when this was going on, pig Davis? Inquiring minds want to know.

Spikes rejected the deal because it required him to register as a sex offender

Tell me, pig, what the fuck do you think you are, if not a sex offender?

I hope to god that you end up in a cell with a 400 pound behemoth rocking your world  every night for the rest of your worthless life.

An Orange police officer has been charged with sexual assault and placed on administrative leave for allegedly posing as his twin brother to have sex with a woman.

The alleged victim told police that 25-year-old Jared Rohrig of Milford, posed as his identical twin brother to engage in a sexual encounter on July 19.

The woman claims that Rohrig restrained her and continued the encounter against her will once she realized he was not the person she thought he was and attempted to leave.

I wonder if pig Rohrig is getting a paid vacation out of this deal. The article doesn’t say. But I bet he is still collecting a paycheck, and the citizens of Orange are footing the bill because this moron would not keep it in his pants.



Brian Ball, fired from the Greece Police Department last week, this morning turned himself in for arrest by the New York State Police.

Ball is scheduled to be arraigned in County Court this afternoon. The indictment against him is sealed, so the charges are not yet public.

Ball was suspended earlier this year after suspicions arose that he, Chief Merritt Rahn and Deputy Chief William Mackin were involved in a document-shredding incident at police headquarters. However, lawyers for Ball say there is solid proof he did not shred documents and the town has not disciplined him on those allegations.

Mackin and Rahn have been suspended without pay, and Rahn was criminally charged last week on a charge of filing a false instrument in the first degree. Rahn is accused of participation in filing a background report for former Greece Police Officer Gary Pignato which allegedly included falsified information.

Pignato was convicted this year of coercing a woman into sex. Rahn pleaded not guilty last week and was released on his own recognizance.

Ball was involved in the background check of another former Greece police officer, Nicholas Joseph, who also was criminally convicted this year. Joseph was convicted of crimes including imbibing cocaine, driving while under the influence of alcohol, and fleeing the scene of an accident.

I posted articles about this particular pigsty HERE, HERE, and HERE.

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. – Punxsutawney’s police chief says an officer is on paid leave until authorities finish their investigation of how a man died in police custody more than a week ago.

Chief Tom Fedigan isn’t releasing the name of the officer suspended in connection with the death of 48-year-old Stephen Obbish on Aug. 15.

Obbish had been picked up on suspicion of public drunkenness about 9:50 a.m. and was found dead in the same police cruiser about five hours later.

Piggott was found guilty, fined $499, required to attend a three-day alcohol seminar and placed on probation for two years. His driver’s license was suspended for six months, but he can drive for work.

So now pig Piggott is back on the job. I wish I knew what it took for a pig like this to lose his job.

A veteran Rankin County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested on Wednesday for falsifying his time sheets, Sheriff Ronnie Pennington said.

Scott Walters, who worked 10 years with the department, is charged with felony falsifying documents, Pennington said.

“He was putting down time that he worked when he wasn’t actually on duty,” he said. Pennington said once the discovery was made, he launched an internal investigation.

Walters was terminated upon his arrest, Pennington said.



Johnnie K. Hicks, 30, was charged with one count of assault and battery and one count of brandishing a firearm, police wrote in the release. Hicks was not on duty at the time of the incident.

Officers were called shortly before 2 a.m. to the 400 block of Youngs Mill Lane on a report of a person with a gun, police wrote. A man at the home had assaulted a 30-year-old woman inside then brandished a gun.

Hicks has been with the Police Department since November 2007 and is assigned to the South Precinct High Impact Patrol Unit, police wrote. He is on paid administrative leave while criminal and internal investigations continue.

Malcolm — already named in a federal lawsuit for allegedly using excessive force and illegally attempting to “seize” a mentally disabled former township resident in August 2007 — was charged today by the prosecutor’s office with two instances of second degree official misconduct and one count of pattern of official misconduct.

The prosecutor alleges that on Dec. 6, 2007, Malcolm left his assigned patrol while on duty to travel to nearby Knowlton Township, where he committed a criminal trespass at the township rescue squad building.

The prosecutor also alleges that on or about June 10 of this year, Malcolm issued motor vehicle summonses to a citizen, but intentionally failed to serve them so a warrant to arrest the citizen would be issued by the municipal court when the citizen failed to appear. Rather than serve the summonses, so the citizen would know of their existence, it is alleged that Malcolm retained the citizen’s copies and ultimately threw them away in the trash at the Oxford Police Department.

The allegation of pattern of official misconduct is based upon two prior allegations, since two or more acts of official misconduct constitute a patter of official misconduct.


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