Here’s an odd story: N. C. State State Senator Shoots A Home Invader

There is a story making the rounds about NC state senator R.C. Soles shooting a home invader. The blogs are saying that he is anti-gun, and therefore is a hypocrite.

HERE is a MSM story on this, and HERE is a blog post that claims he is anti-gun.

I can find no proof of that allegation, but thanks to a friend on another board, there is another story to this. The anti-gun angle might be a smokescreen. There is nothing to it, from what I can find, but it will distract others from his perverted and corrupt ways.

It seems that he likes little boys. He is also not well liked for other reasons.

You can read that story HERE.

And to top it all off, thanks to my online friend that dug this up, we have THIS list of articles detailing this bastards corruption.

RC Soles is a real piece of work. It seems that he ticked off the wrong people, and for good reason.


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