“Christian” evangelist commits arson, has history of blaming muslims for everything

Breaking News: Dr. Anis has stirred controversy world-wide, he even claims radical muslims have tried to kill him. Now, well-known Christian debater and evangelist Anis Shorrosh is accused of trying to burn down a high-rise condominium in Daphne.

Dozens of families live at the Loma Alta Condos, including Shorrosh’s.

He’s preached before thousands, served as an evangelist in the Middle East, even authored a book about the attacks on America. Now, Dr. Anis Shorrosh is behind bars, charged with attempted arson.

Police say he tried to burn down a place hundreds in Daphne call home. Investigators say around 10 PM Tuesday night, while many were sleeping, Sharrosh went down to the storage room on the first floor and set a recycling bin on fire.

Neighbors had no idea what was happening, but investigators say it was a calculated move- they say earlier, Sharrosh had tampered with the security system. David York, a neighbor who was home at the time told us, “It would have been a big fire if he had got it going. It’s right across the street.”

Can you say “Mossad”? Good. I knew you could!


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