Alex Jones, doing his very best to get people to panic for Y2K

What happened? Did the proverbial shit hit the fan, like Jones tried to start?

No. Obviously he failed.

But it was an INTENTIONAL effort to destroy this country by putting his worshippers in a panic by LYING THROUGH HIS FUCKING TEETH. That panic would have spread.

Why did he do this? And why does anyone take him seriously? You can show his worshipers this video, and they will not consider the ramifications of what would have happened if Jones (AND HIS HANDLERS) had been successful. They totally ignore it.

If you don’t believe me, well, the video is at the top of this article. Try posting it where his worshipers congregate. See what kind of reaction you get. I wish to God that someone had shown me this years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time.

I recently found out a very important fact. Even those that do not consider themselves as Alex Jones worshipers, and are such  enlightened truthseekers, will just let certain things like this slide and question the motives of the person that posts this video, and other more recent ones just  like it.  They are so worried about  “millions of deaths in illegal wars”,  “Germanic death cults”, and some nameless amorphous  “Illuminati”, that they don’t consider how many millions would be fucking dead right here in this country if Jones had been successful. That is just not important, you see? That’s in the past.

Fuck you, Jones. I see right through you, as do others. God willing, you will crash and burn.


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