Capitol alert for H1N1 outbreak; senators and staff to get masks


Senate officials are holding internal planning exercises this week to prepare for a swine flu outbreak that could hobble congressional offices.

The office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms (SAA) has been talking with Senate offices and attending Senate luncheons since the disease first began to spread in the spring.

“It is becoming second nature to us right now about how to proceed,” said Terry Gainer, the Senate Sergeant at Arms. “And in some respect you kind of want to say, let’s get started with it, we’ve done so much prep work, let’s begin to began.” [WTF is up with that? “Begin to began?]

The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) and the Office of the Attending Physician are planning to attend this week’s meeting with the SAA in which they will discuss a variety of different scenarios for how an H1N1 outbreak could affect Congress, including more than 10,000 staffers and nearly 2 million visitors so far this year.

Some have expressed concern for members who have a full workload this fall, saying that if they are infected it may interfere with their ability to attend committee hearings or even vote because doing so could spread the infection.


NO !!!!!!!! Not voting or attending hearings would be just fucking TRAGIC! Woe is me!

I also find it interesting that they don’t say too much about taking the vaccine. The only real mention of it in the article is “Capitol officials did not comment on how many doses would be made available to them.”

That is because they won’t take the vaccine. If they did, there would  be no need for masks, would there? That is assuming that the vaccine is effective. But they know how much more dangerous the vaccine is than the flu itself. They are depending on you to take the risks.

You are the guinea pigs. If things turn out badly for you, then that’s the way the titties bounce. There is nothing you can do about it.

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