Unity: Do we need it?

It is my contention that the unity sought for by some of those that are fighting against the so-called “new world order” will end up destroying them. I will list some reasons on why I believe this.

First, let me define the kind of unity that these people want. They want people of like mind to get along under all circumstances. Those that don’t get with the program are not welcome. They will question your loyalty to their cause. They see this unity as a great strength; I see it as a fatal weakness.

Here are my reasons for believing this.

  • We are nonconformists by nature.

Hell, I’m so nonconformist that I don’t even have a tattoo or body piercing.

We are hated because we simply will not conform to what the political “leaders” want of us. We just won’t get with the program. When you get with others that are fighting this new order, you find the same reaction among most of them. They have abandoned one set of leaders for another set of leaders.

This is the ultimate form of controlled opposition. It is an extremely effective method of control and it will destroy you.

I have documented, to a very limited extent, some of the Big Shots that are a part of this controlled opposition. This article will hopefully get you started. In it, I write about Hal Turner, Alex Jones and Jack McLamb. Those are the kinds of people that will lead you straight into the grave, because they are liars and traitors, and their own words prove it beyond any doubt. But don’t think they are the only ones out there, because the alternative media is a cesspool. It is no different than the mainstream media.

  • We are strong-willed by nature.

We have somehow broken out of the “matrix” that is all around us. We look at it from the outside while people are living it on the inside. I just haven’t figured out how we did this. I’m forced to chalk it up to Divine Guidance, because nothing else makes sense to me.

Pulling people out of that “matrix” is impossible. I’m sure you have tried that before and know what I am talking about. The change must take place from within that person, not from without.

So any time someone says you must do this or that, we have this irritating tendency to say “And just who the fuck do you think you are?” Authoritarians are our arch nemesis. Who died and made them God?

Those that demand unity are in fact demanding that you submit to the people that are their leaders. That is the only way they can have their precious “unity”. Otherwise you are a loose cannon, and they can’t have that.

That leader has it in his power to destroy you at any time he or she chooses. The fact that these “leaders” are lying traitors means that they will destroy you.

You don’t need a leader. Here is a 53kb PDF on Leaderless Resistance. Read it and see if it makes sense, or not.

  • Unified targets make for nice juicy targets.

You’ve heard the saying “cut off the head and the snake dies”?

Well, if you follow any of these “leaders”, then that makes you a very tempting target for those that want to rule you. You are all bunched up nice and tight, in nice pretty ranks. That means you can be destroyed with minimal effort.

You need to spread out.

  • We can have unity, but it is a different kind of unity.

The kind of unity we need is a unity of purpose. We recognize and respect that others may see things a little different than you do, but we all know we are fighting the same beast in our own ways.

We know that we don’t need or even want leaders. We are all smart and fully functional grown adults that can make our own decisions apart from what others demand of us.

Only this will keep us from being destroyed. It is not possible to destroy millions of scattered targets at one time, but it is possible for millions of scattered targets to defeat the enemy.


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