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Sandra Hutchens

Sandra Hutchens

Orange county bail bondsmen have filed a (RICO) federal racketeering lawsuit against former Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy, appointed Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens who replaced former sheriff Mike Corona by the Orange County Commissioners Court.

The federal lawsuit asks for a $100 million in damages for past and expected future business losses. The court documents accuse the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for illegally allowing jail gangs to force inmates into using certain bail firms.

This money making scheme was also alleged during the administration of former Sheriff Mike Carona,

who was later convicted of witness tampering.

Also named in the suite, is former sheriff Michael S. Carona and ex-assistant sheriff George Jaramillo.

“I have clients telling me that deputies are asking people, ‘how’s business today?'” Drake said. “No one looked forward to a new sheriff more than me. But nothing’s changed, in fact, it’s gotten more complicated.”



The illegal practice of using inmates to get bail referrals is called “capping.” The way the scam works is that jailhouse bullies coerce inmates to hire a certain bail company, which kicks back about 10 percent of its share for the referral. On a $100,000 bond, $1,000 goes to the gang member, said Herman.

The money is either put on the gang member’s jail account, to use in the commissary, or given to a designated person outside the jail.

“I guarantee you there are some people in the jail making more than you are, on a daily basis,” Drake said.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — United States Attorney Lawrence G. Brown announced that Michael Lynn Leyder, 27, of Bakersfield, was sentenced Thursday by United States District Court Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill to four years and nine months for his conviction on one count of possession of child pornography.A 15-year term of supervised release will follow the prison term during which his access to minors, computers, and the Internet will be restricted.


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) — A week ago, Grand Junction Interim Police Chief John Camper  addressed the community after former officer Glenn Coyne was arrested on sexual assault and burglary charges.

“When something like this happens, it negatively impacts the trust that we’ve developed with you, and with this community,” Camper said.

Investigators say they had reason to believe Coyne was re-victimizing women who had called 9-1-1 for help.


Big Pig Camper, anyone that trusts cops is a fool.

Officers Richard Amio, 30, and Manuel Ortiz, 36, and former Officer Evan Samuel, 37, appeared before Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Donald S. Kennedy, who set bail for the defendants at $50,000, $25,000 and $80,000, respectively.

They are each charged with one felony count of conspiracy to commit an act injurious to the public.

Additionally, Samuel is charged with three felony counts of perjury while Amio is also charged with two counts of perjury and Ortiz is charged with one count of perjury.


As part of a plea agreement, U.S. District Court Judge Philip Simon sentenced 35-year-old Ryan Huston to 42 months in prison with three years supervised release.

A federal investigation revealed that from July 2004 to March 2005, Huston and two others – former county police officer Jamie Buford and former South Bend police officer Andrew Taghonreceived money for stolen items and drugs and deposited that money into private bank accounts.


He was the face of calm and determination amid one of the most notorious and unsettling episodes in South Carolina history — the Susan Smith case.

On Monday, the former Union County sheriff, Howard Wells, who gained national attention for coaxing the young mother to admit to killing her two sons in 1994, was on the other side of the courtroom — playing the role of defendant.

Handcuffed, he stood before a federal magistrate to face charges of witness tampering and lying to authorities.

The allegations came to light during an investigation of possible public corruption and drugs that already had named the former mayor of Union and another city official and Monday the Union County supervisor and other local officials, U.S. Attorney Walt Wilkins said.


A Dolton cop caught on camera allegedly breaking a 15-year-old special needs student’s nose for failing to tuck in his shirt has a troubling history that includes killing a man in a case of disputed self-defense and is now in an Indiana jail on an unrelated rape charge.

Christopher Lloyd, 38, was identified Thursday by his father Charles Lloyd and Dolton Mayor Ronnie Lewis as the officer who in May was recorded by a school security camera scuffling with 15-year-old, 140-pound Marshawn Pitts at the Academy for Learning in Dolton.

An attorney hired by Pitts’ parents released the video this week, calling the incident an “unprovoked attack” on a vulnerable child. The video, which has no audio, appears to show the officer slamming Pitts against a locker, wrestling him to the ground and pinning him.

But speaking Thursday, Charles Lloyd said he had seen the video and discussed the incident with his son, who he said was “just trying to do his job as a police officer and is completely innocent.”

“My son said, ‘Sir, you need to tuck your shirt in,’ and this boy (cussed at him and said) ‘I’m not going to tuck my shirt in, you can’t make me,’ ” Charles Lloyd said.

“That boy struck my son in the eye and broke his glasses — he had a history of behavior issues,” he alleged.

Christopher Lloyd was arrested last month and charged with sexually assaulting a woman he knew at her home in Hammond, his father said.

According to Lake County, Ind., court documents, he held a pillow over the woman’s face while sexually assaulting her Sept. 14 and had previously threatened her with a knife.


Why am I not surprised that he is charged with rape? Give a punk a badge and a gun and this is what you get.

The brutality video is below, if you care to watch it.

A Milwaukee police officer accused of kicking a handcuffed man in the head will return to work Wednesday, according to a personnel order issued by the department.Officer Vincent K. Woller, a 10-year veteran, initially was fired by Police Chief Edward A. Flynn in connection with the incident, which occurred Nov. 18 in the 5600 block of N. 95th St.Woller dropped his appeal of the firing after Flynn reduced the discipline to a 60-day unpaid suspension, according to the personnel order.

Catoosa’s police chief announced Friday afternoon that Assistant Police Chief Paul Whitmere is suspended with pay.  Chief Raymond Rodgers says he can release no more information because the suspension is related to an ongoing drug investigation.

The Rogers Co. Drug Task Force is apparently heading up the investigation.  No word on how long Whitmere could be suspended.

Chief Rodgers tells FOX23 another officer, Lt. John Mines, is also suspended in connection to the same investigation, but he wouldn’t detail any exact reasons why.

Rogers Co. Sheriff Scott Walton declined to comment on the drug investigation.


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