The threat of “martial law” is a red herring

military-martial-lawA topic that has made the rounds in the “patriot” community for years is the threat of martial law being imposed on the US.

Martial law is basically “The exercise of government and control by military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory”.

Some people believe that we are just one false flag attack from having martial law enacted.

Let’s examine this threat.

Who exactly is going to enforce it?

According to THIS document (PDF) there are 882,201 total military personnel stationed in the US as of Sept. 30 2007. Not all of them are combat troops, most are support personnel. Not all of them will cooperate with this martial law.  But for the sake of argument, let’s say that all troops will be used to enforce this “martial law”. Let’s make this a worst case scenario.

We have 3,794,101 sq miles in area for them to cover. “But they don’t patrol the desert” you say? That’s right! This is why we will use population density.

We have a population density of 80 per sq. mile.

This leaves each soldier 4.3 sq miles to cover which holds 344 people.

No matter how well you are trained, no matter how much of a bad-ass you think you are, no one in his (or her!) right mind wants to face those odds.

But not all of those 344 will fight? You are correct.

When we fought our Revolutionary War, about 3-5% of the population fought it at the beginning. I think it is safe to say that we have at least as many ready right now. Let’s use the 3% figure. That is a 10 to 1 odds. Bring in UN “peacekeepers” and you can probably up that to 15-20% that will resist, if not more.

And since our soldiers have an uncanny knack for manufacturing resistance out of thin air by torturing and murdering the civilian populations, that number will grow quickly.

Then there is the logistical nightmare of transporting, supplying and sheltering them after they deploy far away from their bases. These supplies will be a prime target for any resistance.

Folks, this cannot be done. If anyone can show me how it can be done, well, the only comments I delete are spam and posts that just have to be from pigs.

This is just one threat out of many that the disinfo scum use to keep their worshipers on edge. But it does have a good side effect. If the government is ever so stupid as to try it, we’ll be ready.


8 Responses

  1. I’d do some research on this if I were you. If you think the Elitists are dumb enough to put us into a position of revolt and revolution with no plan for control, then you don’t have any clue at how well and long the global takeover is. They are not ready for riots in America yet, but I have seen some of their quick- roundup technology and know that foriegn mercinaries have been hired. Remember, the FEMA system for the Continuance Of Government is to round us up and put us in internment camps during martial law. A plan right out of the third reich. The police force is also being converted and brainwashed. All this will be more apparent increasingly soon. The second “white right wing extremist terrorist” attack this year just happened. Like we said, they will be rolling out the “white patriot right wing extremist” card right before the next phase, to complete the global takeover. The time is coming soon, seems they are rushing the agenda to corraborate with the “2012 End of the world” theory. It would be a good time to make crazy laws and drastic changes. The uninformed public wouldn’t know what hit em.

  2. Martial law is not possible to be successful. One effect of martail law is absolute chaos. When ordinary civilians can not have access to food and water, they will naturally turn into savages due to the primary objective of any organism-that is to survive. The threat of military personnel and armament will be desensitized over time. Also, there are just too many people to control. Sure a great number will be killed during the course of martial law, but the remaining will press on. MIllitary are humans that also require food and drink to survive. The difference between military and civilian is armament, communications and brute force. Another point is, they[military] have too much to consider. Look at Iraq for example. The place is still out of control. I for one will fight and never give in to martial law. I have been trained in guerilla warfare and urban defense tactics in the early 1990’s. It is extremely difficult to secure a city. The initial shock and awe may be strong, but it will wane over time. People will have time to think and plan. Soldier fatigue is inherent and a weakness in any militia. Don’t forget, there is strength in numbers. The civilian population is by far greater than the military. Eventually more and more people will be willing to die than to be prisoner and slave. As for me -“Death over slavery “- any day!

    • Agree 100%.

      Those that think martial law is a real threat have no idea how big a country this is. I’ve traveled it coast to coast and border to border.

      But assholes like Alex Jones and some others constantly harp on this “threat”. People that listen to this shit are being constantly misdirected, and that is intentional.

  3. Yes I’m serious. I laid it out as to why I am serious. I gave my reasons.

    Notice at the end where I said “But it does have a good side effect. If the government is ever so stupid as to try it, we’ll be ready. ”

    I never said it wont happen, and I don’t give a tinkers damn what laws or EOs they pass or sign. I said that it cannot be done. I gave the reasons why it won’t work. That means it is not a real threat, even if it is threatening.

    I used the military to show this, since martial law is a military action. You add in FBI, DEA, ATF, etc, etc. Just how many agents do you think they have?

    You evidently have no idea how big this country is. I do. I’ve traveled all 48.

    • You can have high hopes, but always be aware and prepared. The ones who are concerned and focused are doing the right thing. The government has threatened martial law openly in congress and they have all the legislation passed and EOs that they need to enact it. There have been troops from several other countries training in the US along side US military for urban combat and private home raids. None of them will resist their orders. This isnt their country; they dont care. Furthermore, even of our military and police (along with the new spy groups like boy scouts and girl scouts under the DHS) will be convinced that it is necessary because the risk is so great. When there is complete economic collapse things change quickly.

      However, I also do not believe they will be successful. It will be chaotic though. I wouldnt jump so far ahead to think there is no risk.

    • The government has threatened martial law openly in congress

      I think I know what you are thinking of. It is not the same kind of martial law that the article was written about.

      You’re probably thinking of this:

  4. Are you serious? What do you think the Department of Homeland Security is? The FBI, DEA, ATF, etc, etc. All those agencies, especially DHS are more than equipped to enforce it. Housing for resisters? Maybe you should read H.R. 645 again. Laws to provide justification for these actions? Check through the executive orders passed under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Does all this mean it will happen? Maybe not, but a central government that coordinates all the elements necessary to carry out martial law, which didn’t exist before, in the span of a few years with the “War on Terror” as their excuse… If you’re not considering this a real possibility, the red herring is believing you’re capable of critical thinking.

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