Not In My Name

From  Political Theatrics

On the 25th of October I wrote an article entitled “Americans:You Did This” and with it came a plethora of support and a flood of disdain. Only a few days have gone by since the publishing of the Op-Ed piece,and as of this morning  my inbox has accumulated a staggering number of 63 hate-filled emails. What stunned me wasn’t the fact that 63 individuals took the time to send me their informal opinions in regards to my post but that they didn’t comment on the article itself. There were about 30 comments and only one was in opposition. One.

I cannot give an answer for those who decided not to comment as to why they didn’t, nor do I care to – though I have my own theories including the probability of the persons being refuted by either myself or readers of Political Theatrics.

Every single hate-mail I have since received contains the exact same theme and premise – that I was ‘taking my anger out on everyone’ and generalizing a social order in its totality. That I am putting the blame on everyone including those who “didn’t vote for Bush” or “didn’t vote for Obama” or “didn’t vote” at all.

The same individuals who are wagging their tongues over my impartial subjection of their kind due to the United States imperialist endeavors do not,at the same time, take issue with unconditionally blaming other factions for reserved areas of concern. Also, those who take issue with my contentions are suggesting I “relocate” because my opinions do not fit in with mainstream beliefs.

Mainstream beliefs concludes that the war in Iraq is not ‘ok’ anymore,as it once was,but it was a necessity at the time and this conclusion came to head with no substantiation, no evidence, and no validation.
Mainstream belief is that there is and should be a “global war on terror” led by our men and women,and this ‘war’ includes spending an infinite amount of money we do not have in order to kill and desecrate, pillage and rape.
Mainstream belief is that every dead Iraqi and Afghan for whom we then turn into a statistic is to be unashamedly brushed under the table with a headstone that reads ‘collateral-damage’.

It’s not that a majority of these people are cruel or wish to substantiate the evil that their government does, it’s that they don’t care and are at the same time shamelessly aware of their ignorance.

The premise that you don’t know or you didn’t know can’t be taken seriously anymore, especially when an abundance of information is there for you to find.

My article was not at all brutal or harsh, especially when I think of what the victims of American imperialism could say if given a chance to speak to us. Imagine what these innocent people think of us.

You’ve helped steal daughters from their fathers, sons from their siblings, husbands from their wives and your defense is that you didn’t do it by your own hands. That is why I have simply called you all accessories to war crimes instead of direct perpetrators.
54% of our taxes do not go to improve our disheveled education system, our broken healthcare structure, nor to aid the middle class and poor – no – 54% goes to war .

You are literally throwing your hard earned money into a bonfire built with Iraqi and Afghan bones, and those who still vehemently support these expansionist wars are dancing around the fires unprincipled.

There is nothing ‘un-American’ about holding a position contrary to mainstream belief nor are you in error if your premise stands in stern opposition over the wars being led by bastions of Western Occupation Forces.

The victims of our ‘America-brand’ wars have no means of speaking out to Americans,thus I am here to be their voice – this is my duty and my commitment until justice is served.

The people we are persecuting have done us no harm and what they have seen of ‘democracy’ is enough to make anyone loathe this nation and it’s apathetic masses who concern themselves with MTV instead of current and International affairs.


More at SOURCE.

And I believe you, regarding the hate mail you get. You should consider them to be badges of honor.


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