Alex Jones Exposes… Alex Jones!

Alex Jones Turns Peaceful Gun Rights Demonstration Into CHAOS

You Gotta Hard On for Me

Alex really stepped into it on these videos.

The camera work, in places, is not the greatest, but these 3 are worth watching. You will see first hand how this bastard operates.


2 Responses

  1. wow, what an asshole!

    ke-did u even watch? those people organized a rally, offered jones an opportunity to speak, which he declined, the showed up to usurp the hard work of other activists by speaking over the planned speakers with a bullhorn, and was then a petulant, childish prick when politely asked to stop.

    jones is a cia asset who feeds bullshit conspiracy crap to gullible right wing idiots, to distract them from the real problems and divide and distract the working and middle classes from the corporate slavery that is being forced upon the American people.

  2. so whats this supposed to show?…. even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth!

    …carry on waving the banners, that will stop the police state with guns!

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