U.S. soldier Joshua Tabor ‘waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn’t recite alphabet’


A U.S. soldier has been accused of ‘waterboarding’ his four-year-old daughter because she couldn’t recite the alphabet.

Joshua Tabor admitted to police that he used the CIA torture technique because he was so angry.

As his daughter ‘squirmed’ to get away, Tabor said he submerged her face – upwards – three or four times until the water was lapping around her forehead and jawline.

Tabor, 27, admitted to investigators that his daughter was terrified of water and he had deliberately chosen the punishment.

The practice of waterboarding has been used by the CIA to break Al Qaeda suspects at Guantanamo Bay and at secret prisons. Detainees, including the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks Khalid Shaikh Mohammed had water poured over their face until they feared they were about the drown.



2 Responses

  1. I guess we can ask, did the military let this “mental deficient” into their ranks or did they make this normal guy in this “mental deficient”. Even Ronald Reagan said that water boarding was torture, but I guess Cheney and his gay daughter are the brain trust on this lie that has been perpetuated onto the American people and signed off by the GOP.

  2. What a troubled man! Certainly not fit to care for any living being, especially a child. His daughter should definitely be relocated.

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