Good News!!! Arizona energy official calls L.A.’s bluff on total boycott

PHOENIX — Last week, Los Angeles officially boycotted Arizona to send a message about the state’s new immigration law.

Now, the Arizona Corporation Commission is sending back a message of their own.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Gary Pierce wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Mayor and City Council. He said the intention was to “call them out,” and see if they are committed to truly cut off all Arizona resources.

“I don’t think they thought this through,” Pierce said. “There are consequences that involve energy.”

Across Arizona, Los Angeles gets 25 percent of its power from three plants, including the Palo Verde Nuclear Station.

The state can’t literally pull the plug as the city owns the power.

But if tough-talking Los Angeles officials really decide to go through with this boycott fully, then they will have to go without this electricity.


Outstanding! Flip the switch!


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