GOP ‘hero’ Jan Brewer claims that people will die without a one billion dollar tax increase


By Martin Hill

Republican governor Jan Brewer of Arizona has been touted as a new conservative hero, since signing Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070. GOP party members, so desperate for someone to take action since the feds allowed unfettered illegal immigration for years, have welcomed Brewer with a glee and giddiness unseen since the arrival of Sarah Palin. Some have even suggested she run for president in 2012.  Conservatives who actually paid attention to Brewer prior to SB 1070, such as Red State blogger and CNN political analyst Erick Erickson, noted that Brewer “personally lobbied members of the state legislature to kill the bill (SB 1070) and then kept it on her desk, refusing to sign it until she realized she could use it to help her”.

As usual, a closer examination is in order before lauding praise upon the latest political hack. Shortly before signing SB 1070 into law, Brewer accomplished her dream of billions of dollars in increased sales taxes. In a particularly creepy video posted on youtube, a shrill and insistent Brewer barks that people will die, children will be abused, and ‘education’ (meaning government school) would allegedly suffer if her tax increase is not passed. Anyone who loved Arizona, she insisted, would do ‘the hard thing’ and pass billions in new taxes. Taxes are the answer to all the problems, she claimed, and catastrophe will strike the state if people didn’t jump on board and sign on. Brewer even invoked the name of God innapropriately twice during her angry 4 minute tirade. (Watch the video below).


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