Conspiracy Nut Alex Jones


Dey be leprechauns n’shee-it! Canyouhearme! Gibs me dat pot o gold crackah!

No, it’s not from The Onion…

Newsroom / Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

All you will ever need to know about politics

One of the funniest scenes ever put on film. And there is more than a bit of truth in this clip.

On a lighter note, here’s something that has exactly nothing to do with this blog…

Ozzy Osbourne concert intro videos.

“I’m sick of you not listening to me!!!”

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Introducing the Pentalawn 2000!

Your dreams have become reality!

Are you sick and tired of mowing your lawn every week? Wouldn’t you rather watch the Big Game?

Yes folks, you can finally throw away that lawnmower!

With the Pentalawn 2000 there is no more grass cutting!

Throw away that dangerous rake! The Pentalawn 2000 even repels leaves!

It’s the miracle of the ages!

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