The Hall Of Shame

This page is an ongoing project. Here I take the worst of the worst and add more information that I find later. I include phone numbers and addresses of those involved. Or, rather, I look harder for them. I don’t always find them.

Stanislaus County CA sheriff’s deputy Alfred Lowell Huskey convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor was sentenced to one year in jail.

Pig Huskey. The original image was linked from a newspaper source, and those images have been scrubbed. There are no pics of him on Google Images anymore. I found one from another source

Pig Huskey. The original image was linked from a newspaper source, and those images have been scrubbed. There are no pics of him on Google Images anymore. I found one from another source

The victim in the case made an emotional impact statement to Judge John G. Whiteside, who sentenced Huskey, and took his plea earlier this year. She told the judge her life-long struggle with addiction was a result of the defendant molesting her, which she said began when she was 3 years old.

In his statement to the probation department, Huskey blamed his use of alcohol and methamphetamines at that time in his life. He apologized to the victim and her family.

The probation report recommended a prison sentence, but Whiteside said Huskey’s lack of criminal history and his exemplary record as a deputy, outweighed the aggravating factors of his violation of trust and the vulnerability of the victim. He placed Huskey on three years of formal probation and ordered drug and alcohol terms, including testing, for Huskey throughout his probationary period.

Corrupt judge Whiteside can be reached at (209) 558-6000.

St. John Parish LA deputy charged with rape pleads guilty to reduced charges, gets PROBATION.

Allan Wayne Schaeffer

Allan Wayne Schaeffer

A 16-year veteran of the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office will serve no jail time under a plea agreement with the Louisiana State Attorney General’s Office, authorities said.

Allan Wayne Schaeffer, 48, of LaPlace, pleaded guilty to second degree battery and malfeascence in office on Friday and received five years probation on each count.

Schaeffer, a former lieutenant with the sheriff’s office, had been charged with aggravated rape, second-degree battery and attempted sexual battery. He was fired from the Sheriff’s Office in October 2008 after a State Police investigation, which stemmed from a domestic dispute complaint filed by a former girlfriend.

Judge Becnel

He was sentenced by Judge Mary Hotard Becnel. She is   a 40th Judicial District Court in Louisiana and a candidate for the

Louisiana State Supreme Court, and is running for the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeal

You can reach this cunt at (985) 497-5508

I find it ironic that this whore has  Juvenile Jurisdiction.

I bet she does a wonderful job with the kiddies.

Cop Brian Lepore, 37, of 45 Standish Avenue in North Providence RI, raped a teenager while he was on duty.

Brian Lepore

Brian Lepore

He got a 1 year SUSPENDED  sentence and probation.

Corrupt judge Judge Netti Vogel is the one that let him get away with raping a teenager. Which makes Judge Vogel just as guilty of child rape as Lepore is.

Judge Vogel, as of 6 April 2006, lived at 336 Benefit St, Providence RI 02903.

From another website we have this: In keeping with Judge Vogel’s “the facts don’t matter” mentality, the Supreme Court threw out the murder conviction of Troy Lassiter citing improper testimony.  Judge Vogel still would not grant bail for Mr. Lassiter while he awaited a new trial.  This conviction has to be one of the shakiest in Rhode Island history – see the related Derick Hazard page.  Despite this, Judge Vogel still wouldn’t give Lassiter the courtesy of bail.

Judge Vogel

Judge Vogel

Here’s a GOOD ONE! Missouri pig Steven W. Burgess rapes little girl while in his patrol car and gets a suspended sentencSteven W. Burgess, 35,  pleaded guilty in December 2007 in Jackson County Circuit Court to statutory sodomy and deviate sexual assault and

Steven W. Burgess

Steven W. Burgess

was sentenced three months later to 14 years in prison.

Circuit Judge Robert M. Schieber (Phone: 816-881-3615 FAX: 816-881-1215suspended the sentence, however, and put Burgess on probation for five years.



Here is a picture of that corrupt cocksucker that let Burgess get away with raping a little girl. Could it be because this corrupt sack of dog shit likes little girls too? I bet he does.

UPDATE: It looks like the feds stepped in and got him with a civil rights violation. I guess even a blind, nose-less pig can find the occasional truffle… He got 14 years.  HERE is the article.

Here we have pig Columbus “Ken” Kennett from Greenville, SC. His address is 6 Fiddlers Court in Greenville. He likes to fondle little girls. But he showed “remorse” and was sentenced to 10 years in prison suspended to three years of probation. How merciful.

Columbus “Ken” Kennett

Columbus “Ken” Kennett

I was unable to find out which crooked judge let him get away with this without serving any time.

If anyone has this information, please pass it along to me and I will include it here. The more thorough the information, the better I like it! Thank you.


20 Responses

  1. Are you aware Madam Counselor, that your witness to the murder of Craig Prescott is in violation of probation? If not, let me inform you that he has several violations including being in the company of a five year old girl who has been acting out premiscuiosly? Isn’t Huskey, your witness, a convicted child molester? Why is Huskey not locked up, and why have you allowed this blatant disregard for decency, justice, and for the safety and protection of children to continue? Please consider resignation as the answer to remedy all the blunders you have made in the Craig Prescott case alone. God only knows how many others you’ve mishandled.

  2. RE: Alfred “Chip” Huskey….
    Huskey has violated his probation several times but has not been taken into custody. In fact, his attorney and the district attorney lied to the judge after his name was called last Tuesday, August 23, 2011, for his hearing. Huskey was not in court however, his attorney told the judge that Huskey was in custody. The problem is, he was never in custody. So presently, a convicted child molester who is suppose to be in custody is not. A convicted child molester is in violation of his parole and cannot be located, thanks to Judge John Whiteside who decided that Huskey did not have to register as a sex offender. This leaves every child in Stanislaus County vulnerable to a sexual predator.

    • Lil ole Alfred Huskey will be spending some time in prison after his probation violation. Judge McFadden is getting a new recommendation from San Joaquin County Probation for his sentencing on 10-13-2011, it won’t be anything like his Stanislaus County sweetheart deals. And after his time in prison is all done, I understand there are new charges that will be filed against him, Stay tuned!!

  3. News Article that was published in Canada’s Nation capital

    FIRST POSTED: THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 11:14:43 EDT AM
    The family of a man who was shot to death by police three years ago is suing the city of Gatineau and the officer who fired the shots.
    “We want closure. We want justice still,” Donna Leclair told the Sun
    Her 35-year-old brother, David Leclair, died on June 28, 2008 after he was shot outside his mother’s Aylmer home when a police officer responded to a domestic call.
    Gatineau officer Pierre-Francois Blais, who beat Leclair with a club, pepper-sprayed him, and subsequently shot him three times — once in the back — was cleared of any wrongdoing by Quebec provincial police.
    While the officer maintained LeClair grabbed a crowbar in the confrontation, witnesses say he was unarmed.
    “We can’t get on,” Donna said. “He not only took David’s life, he destroyed all our family… This shouldn’t happen to anybody.”
    On June 23, after three long years of waiting for justice during which repeated calls for a public enquiry into the shooting went answered, the Leclair family launched a $430,000 civil suit in Gatineau court.
    “We’re not doing this for financial gains. We’re doing it, we want justice. If that’s the way they’re going to hear us, well then that’s the way they’re going to hear us,” Donna said.
    “It is a living nightmare and it’s in our faces every single day, every single moment. There’s not a day that goes by we don’t think of David and think of him lying there shot in the back.”
    City officials did not respond to calls for comment Thursday.
    “His daughter needs answers, you know, she has to grow up without a father,” Donna said.
    “We want to know David is resting in peace. We don’t feel he’s resting

  4. Hey Huskey, I hope you are convicted by the Holy Spirit to confess your sins. Return to Modesto and tell the Modesto Bee the truth about Craig and how he was murdered. My son liked you too. Redeem yourself by standing up and telling the truth. Suppose this was your younger brother, son, daddy, husband, friend? Would you not want someone to tell the truth on his behalf?

  5. Whoever runs this twitter account is finding some horrific stories, you might want to look at this:

  6. We have a Sherriff (SCOTT WALTON) of Rogers County Oklahoma who is making commericials for Tulsa Gold and Gems. Just another example that they can stoop to levels of using thier stature to make money. If you ask me it gives a bad rep to all people that wear a uniform.
    And what about all these Fireman on the street corner with boots? Im a partially disabled veteran that fought for this country’s freedom. I barely make it on the salary I make but you dont see me standing on the corner with my old army boots asking for money.
    Pride is slowly vanishing in the U.S. People will do anything for money. Yes thier is crooked law enforcement officers out their (Ive been on the blunt end of it) and what Mr Walton is doing should be a red flag.
    But what can you do? Unfortuantley nothing. Its too big and will never be stopped. It will ony get worse.

  7. I love this site, I just stumbled upon it. I was considering starting a site similiar. Seems I’m not the only one fed up with the reality of abuse of power and total disregard for the general accountability factor. I’ve been hassled, harassed, violently abused, and overly percecuted in my life and it has passed down to my 14 year old daughter. I really dont condone Tim McViegh’s actions, but I do understand his anger.

    • Thanks!

      It’s easy to start. It costs nothing but time.

      Just keep in mind that it takes some time to build traffic. It can be discouraging at first, if you dont understand this.

  8. Wow, can’t believe there are so many cop haters. I am going to school to be a police officer and not all cops are bad. Yes I will admit there are dirty cops, but not nearly as many as people think.

    • have fun getting away with raping little kids I guess

    • I can believe it. Too many cops have been caught commiting crimes and have gotten away with little or no punishment.

  9. How is it that my brother, who is mentally ill, had to go to prison for six years for exposing himself in public and these debased, evil bastards get away with crimes against children?Where are the major news organizations who should be covering these shocking accounts of injustice?

    • They do cover them, but coverage is limited to the local media. And even then, sometimes the entire story is limited to 1 or 2 sentences on their websites. I find them by using google news. The info is out there, you just have to hunt for it.

      I’m sorry about your brother.

  10. I hear this dude does not have to register as a sex offender.

  11. Craig Prescott had six daughters, ages 15, 13, 12, 10, 6, and 4 years of age, who miss their daddy terribly. This entire judicial system appears to be corrupt as the investigation of my son’s death continues to unfold. Sheriff Adam Christianson has created a system where deputies ignore rules and seemed to have been given free reign to do whatever each thinks best. Two such deputies are currently being sued for sexual harassment; complaints have been filed against two other deputies for racial discrimination; retaliatory actions were exercised by others. My son filed a complaint in 2001 against the Sheriff’s Office for racial discrimination. The backlash he endured for the five years that followed, in my opinion, caused his depression and ultimately his mental illness. He was denied justice after numerous attempts to seek legal help. No one wanted to challenge the SO. Unfortunately, his life had to be sacrificed in order for the truth to be revealed. My family demands justice and we will never stop

  12. Alfred Huskey was in the cell next to my son, who was in jail for violating a restraining order. Huskey testified for the DA, exonerating eight deputies who sat on my son and killed him. Craig Prescott, my son, was deprived of oxygen for more than five minutes and suffered irreversible brain damage and ultimately death. Husky complained that my mentally ill son was making too much noise and the sergeant on duty decided to move Craig to an optional cell on a different floor in order to accommodate Huskey. The altercation occurred when the eight deputies tried to subdue Craig in his cell. Huskey told the DA that the deputies did “everything by the book” and did not do any wrong. He was considered a credible witness and was given a two week early kick for his contribution. My son was a 38 year former deputy who had served more than nine years as a custodial. He suffered from a mental breakdown in January of 2009. He was forced to resign as fellow deputies threatened he and his family because he had written a letter on behalf of an inmate who was denied medical treatment in jail. In my opinion, this was pure retaliation by a corrupt department. Search Blog morning mayor or Voice of Modesto for details.

  13. He did it. He did the same thing to me when I first met him. What goes around comes around for sure

  14. fuck pigs

  15. I think this is a wonderful site showing the true when very few will. These scumbags will use the law to ruin ur life and steal from you. And they are some of the worse people alive.

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